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Nahum 1: 7

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“The LORD is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; he knows those who take refuge in him.”- Nahum 1: 7

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Nahum regarded as a prophet wrote succinctly about the importance of waiting on the LORD and being able to trust in the protection and the love that GOD provides. Like the Psalms, there is a repeating theme that is seen in Nahum. While pronouncing judgment concerning a specific city, there is a contrast as to those who place their trust in the LORD. Nahum states that through all the judgment and the actions that take place, GOD is good.

This statement tells us of the profound relationship of the prophet with the LORD. He understands that there is justice that the LORD is able to provide to those who attack His people and there is also protection that is provided by the same GOD. Nahum allows us to understand that it is possible to have a relationship with GOD and to be able to pray and follow His commandments and word. We are reassured that He knows those who take refuge in him. Those who take refuge in him are those individuals that are able to submit themselves to the will of GOD and continue following what He has said.

Similar to the Psalms, like King David, Nahum, is able to provide a specific symbol and visual representation of the LORD’s protection. We are reminded that the LORD is a stronghold in the day of trouble and that He is able to protect those who place their trust in His protection and sovereign control. We can feel at rest and at peace regardless of the circumstances that occur around because He is able to provide and protect. A stronghold and refuge indicate the manner in which He is able to sustain those who are His.

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