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Psalm 32: 1-2

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“Blessed is the one whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered. Blessed is the man against whom the LORD counts no iniquity, and in whose spirit there is no deceit.” – Psalm 32: 1-2

Psalm 32: 1-2 Bible Verse Audio
Psalm 32: 1-2 Bible Verse Commentary Audio

As believers in the faith, there are times when we stumble and make mistakes. We are not perfect because only GOD is perfect. We are reminded that we can continue attempting to walk towards the perfection that is given as an example although we are not perfect. There are times when we say things that hurt people or times that we sin. GOD knows that we are not perfect and that it is a constant effort to work out ways to continue through the temptations.

We are reminded that through King David in the Psalms, we are reminded that GOD wants to forgive our sins and wants us to repent from those sins. There are times when we stumble and yet we are able to continue because GOD has forgiven our transgressions. With this in mind we are meant to not beat ourselves up knowing that we have sinned, but we are to know that we are forgiven and change our habits in order to prevent ourselves from repeating sin. We know that everything is possible through GOD who gives us strength. We can continue knowing that GOD forgives and allows us to change our behavior towards good.

While there are times that this may seem difficult, we can place our trust in GOD who can deliver us temptations and from sin. Then we are counted as blessed both man and woman knowing that our sins are forgiven, and we strive to walk the righteous path being shepherded by the LORD. We are able to continue without feeling the weight of our sins since Jesus Christ has delivered us from sin. We can be strong in faith and know that we can continue praising GOD and changing so we can be good because the LORD works all things for our good.

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