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Psalm 53: 2

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“GOD looks down from heaven on the children of man to see if there are any who understand who seek after GOD.” – Psalm 53: 2

Psalm 53: 2 Bible Verse Audio
Psalm 53: 2 Bible Verse Minute

We are reminded that GOD looks out for us and makes sure that we are able to understand His word and His purpose in our lives. We are able to seek His promises and His truth if we choose. We are reminded that we are His children who are seeking His word and His beliefs. Along with other Psalms, we are reminded that GOD looks after His children and makes sure that they are able to continue in the faith. We are also reminded in the New Testament, that GOD calls us to acknowledge His word. We have examples in the Old Testament and New Testament. In the New Testament, Jesus Christ stated that those who are His are able to understand His word and His voice, meaning we are able to listen to the word and understand if it is from GOD.

We are reminded that the Holy Spirit allows us to gather understanding about the will of GOD and allows us to speak prophecy concerning the purpose of GOD the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We are able to understand the will of GOD and the meaning of His word. We are able to see that there truly is a GOD who is a Heavenly Father and is paying attention to His children. We are not abandoned or forsaken because we have a Heavenly Father that looks out for us.

Psalm 53: 2 allows us to understand this concept of having a Heavenly Father who looks after His children. While at times we may not act in the best way or may not follow the word of GOD, He is there looking for us and making sure we understand His purpose. We are helped in learning about His word and understanding His wisdom.

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