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Psalm 62:1

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“For GOD alone my soul waits in silence; from him comes my salvation.” – Psalm 62: 1

Psalm 62: 1 Bible Verse Audio
Psalm 62: 1 Bible Verse Minute

When we call our GOD the GOD of salvation we know that we follow a GOD that is able to provide salvation for those who seek His will. We are able to see the beauty and the peace that occurs through the ability to believe in the salvation that He brings. While there may be different examples of salvation, we are able to see the Bible that GOD is a GOD that saves us and that is able to provide for us not only salvation in the present but also for the future. We see this when we see examples in the Bible of individuals that seek the salvation of GOD. Elijah, David, and Peter all look towards GOD for salvation. They seek to do the will of GOD and seek to find His salvation.

Elijah knew of the salvation of GOD and had been instructed to preach to those in Israel. He was instructed to go and deliver messages concerning the will of GOD for His people. Elijah knew that His strength and His wisdom would guide his path towards the will of GOD. Elijah was a faithful servant that did the will of GOD and obtained salvation being able to be saved. We see that Elijah made sure to follow the will of GOD regardless of the circumstances and regardless of what was going on around. He trusted completely in the will of GOD in order to continue preaching and stating what needed to change.

David similarly looked to GOD for salvation. We praised the LORD and made sure to continue praising His will regardless for the circumstances around. David is another example of the ability for us as believers to trust fully in the LORD. We understand that there may be different beliefs and differences that exist in today’s world, but we must continue trusting in the salvation provided by our GOD. Peter is another example that praised GOD and made sure to continue praising and preaching the word of GOD regardless of the circumstances. We are able to see that faith can change the difficulties but it can give us the ability to gain salvation. Only GOD can provide our salvation. We must be able to pay attention to the examples given in order to continue having the salvation of GOD.

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