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Book of Ezra: Chapters 3-10

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Through the previous chapters of Ezra we are able to see a book that allows us to understand the love that GOD has for His people. We are able to see that although there are situations and circumstances that can lead us to believe that there are difficulties, we are able to find a positive view of everything that occurs. While many of the books in the Bible allow us the opportunity to find the meaning in our lives and of our lives, we are able to see that even when circumstances change, we are able to continue with firm faith in our GOD.

We can see through the different stories in the Bible that we can have hope even in difficult times. The book of Ezra is able to provide this specific example. We see a natural progression of the liberation of the people from exile and the ability to make their way home. We see that the previous arduous pain and affliction of being in a foreign land is removed as they are allowed to return home. They are able to enter their homeland. Not only this, they are allowed to build their cities and their places of worship. We are able to see that they are given the possibility to connecting again in a grateful manner with GOD.

This example shows us that no matter how difficult life may be, we have the hope that GOD can turn around anything that is unfavorable, destructive, or painful. He is able to give us strength to withstand everything that has happened in the past and give us renewed spiritual gifts to allow us the opportunity to stand with faith and a renewed understanding that everything happens so that we can praise GOD. We see that the people in the book of Ezra do everything they can to begin worship and praising GOD. They see the end of the exile as a clear representation of their liberation from their previous difficulties and newfound appreciation for the worship and belief in GOD.

We are able to see specifically that we are able to find an example of firm hope in the book of Ezra. We are able to know that even through it all, the people are allowed back to their homeland and are able to enjoy the ability to continue strong in our faith. We are able to see the continuation of the spirit of faith that can allow us to continue amidst the storms and amidst the adversities. We see how Ezra is able to continue in the faith even until the latter chapters of the book of Ezra. We see that this faith allows not only for the return of the exiles, the ability to construct the city and the place of worship, the ability to repent of sins, and the ability to unite the people, and the ability to praise GOD through it all. We see the gradual progression of events as a manner in which we see GOD acting in our lives through our continued persistence in having faith for our belief in His steadfast love.

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