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Cryptocurrency News : Week of 05/02/2021 – 05/09/2021

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With so many cryptocurrencies, there are important news that have been made over the past few weeks to help us understand the importance of due dilligence and researching about cryptocurrencies prior to buying, investing, or being a part of a cryptocurrency project. We are also seeing great cryptocurrency adoption that is occurring across the world that has increased from previous years. There is an interest in cryptocurrency that has surged in the past few weeks. Silicon Valley may have competition in becoming the techno-cryptocurrency capital with cities like Las Vegas and Miami looking to expand acceptance of cryptocurrencies as another option for payment of goods and services.

While cryptocurrency projects are stable in the technological sense of how they work, the pricing may not necessarily be stable unless you are looking at stable coins. We are able to understand that there is a lot of information concerning cryptocurrency projects. Being able to understand how they work technologically, socially, economically, and politically can be exhausting due to the number of projects that exist. However, through all this, if we apply basic rules and guidelines, we can learn about the best projects.

While the valuations of cryptocurrencies are moving fast each day, we need to learn to appreciate the case use of a specific project. The main point of these posts are to indicate the adoption of cryptocurrency in news that explain how this occurs. The cryptomarket update should be seen as a reminder of the volatility that exists and how cryptocurrency prices can fluctuate daily. There are cryptocurrencies that are being adopted into business and banks and also into stock market like Ethereum ETFs possibly. We are seeing how cryptocurrencies are changing the way finance works and also the way businesses work. Individuals can receive cryptocurrencies as compensation for work, goods, and services provided which is allowing for a new method of payment among the different methods such as fiat and other options. There is also the need to pay taxes on transactions and day trades.

We must remember that cryptocurrencies as payment methods are interesting up to the point that they are voluntary. Cryptocurrencies should be seen as an option of payment when using to pay for goods and services.

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