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Book of Malachi: Chapters 1-4

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In the Book of Malachi we see the continuation of various themes that allow us to pay attention to the grace of GOD, the importance of repentance, the belief of faith, and the manner in which history is written by the hand of GOD. We see in the beginning of Malachi that the people are not receiving the blessings that were promises in the previous Book of Ezra, Book of Haggai, and Book of Zechariah during the time of Malachi. We see that the people are acting in a manner that disregards the blessings that GOD has promised and has completely forgotten about the commandments.

We see the individuals question Malachi’s preaching and GOD’s decisions. We see the individuals no longer having the faith that characterized the previous generations due to the previous exile. We see the difficulties of having been moved from their homeland to another country, having to be in a foreign country as captives, being freed from exile and then start anew seemed to be a wearisome task for the individuals. GOD gives them hope with the construction of the temple and the building up of the great city, but they do not keep to His steadfast love and faith and instead grumble and stop following the commandments.

Malachi in similar manner to the previous prophets, continues preaching and describing solutions to the current difficulties that the people are experiencing. During the time of Malachi the people were not producing from the fields, had a insect infestation, and there was no water from the skies. These difficulties caused the people to grumble and seek to look for alternatives to the purpose of GOD. Malachi is sent to tell the people to straighten their path and to change their manner of thinking from one of bitterness to one that is filled with hope and faith.

We see that not everyone is a grumbler as there are individuals who still believed in GOD and feared the name of the LORD. We see that GOD allows for remnants to exist within societies and history in order to allow for the examples of grace and mercy that He has for those that believe in His word. Malachi instructs everyone to follow the commandments that were given by Moses at Mount Horeb (Sinai) and to be able to change their bitterness into faith.

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