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Old Testament and New Testament: Matthew 3: 7 (English and Spanish)

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“But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees coming to his baptism, he said to them, ‘You brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come? Bear fruit in keeping with repentance.” – Matthew 3: 7

Matthew 3: 7 Bible Verse Audio
Matthew 3: 7 Bible Verse Audio Minute

We learned that after John the Baptist was born, his father had stated great things about him while speaking with the Holy Spirit. We know that John the Baptist would be a preacher that would attempt to reconcile family members in the steadfast love of GOD the Father. We learn that John the Baptist began his ministry in the wilderness and then would move to the Jordan river to preach salvation, repentance, and the need for renewal.

We learned that in the background to this there were many years where no prophet had spoken to the people of GOD. Malachi had been the last prophet to speak to the people in a difficult time. There are other sources of literature that state of the events that happened between the departure of Malachi and arrival of John the Baptist.

We are told in the Bible in one of the three books documenting the events of Jesus Christ that John the Baptist was born from parents who were elderly. Similar to Abraham and Sarah’s descendants and promises, John the Baptist is born from the faith that his parents had in being righteous and looking for GOD to provide for their needs.

We are able to see that the fervor and candor of John’s preaching details to the strong faith that existed in believing the purpose of GOD. We learn that he began to preach and baptize people in the region of Judea in the Southern parts of Israel. We learn that people wanted to be baptized by him and it even caused interest in the leading priests of that time. While the priests were divided into two main groups the Pharisees and Sadducees who based their beliefs on part scriptural doctrine and part verbal teachings, we are able to see that John preaches the word of GOD in accordance to the Holy Spirit. We are able to see the first signs of arguments that exist between the priests and John the Baptist.

It is important to note that the emphasis of this topic is not to cause controversy or division. The point is to attempt to understand the differences that exist in worship and attempt to understand the truth that exists. John the Baptist wanted the priests to keep to repentance. This could mean that while the priests were instructed in the scriptures and verbal traditions, they did not have the same conviction or faith that other individuals had for GOD. This was one of the main points of contention of the previous prophet Malachi with the people of the exile who had acted in half-hearted worship rather than wholehearted faith.

If we are to believe that Malachi prophesied concerning the arrival of John the Baptist as the Elijah that would be sent, then we can say that there is an understanding that these similar themes exist and continue to affect not only the priesthood but the people as well. We also learn that John the Baptist was not preaching to gain favors, money, or a secondary gain. Therefore, we can deduce that John the Baptist could be a preacher that was looking to continue the purpose of GOD.

We are able to see through the preaching of John that similar to Malachi, there was rebuking being done in order to establish repentance. John had been noted that he would be a prophet from early on. The promises of GOD stated that he would “be filled with the Holy Spirit” and “will turn many of the children of Israel to the LORD their GOD,” were the promises given.

“Pero cuando vio que muchos de los fariseos y saduceos venian para el bautismo, les dijo: ‘¡Camada de viboras! ¿Quien os enseño a huir de la ira que vendra? Por tanto den frutos de arrepentimiento. ” -Mateo 3: 7

Mateo 3: 7 Pasaje de la Biblia Audio
Mateo 3: 7 Pasaje de la Biblia Audio Minuto

Aprendemos que despues de que Juan el Bautista nacio, el padre empezo a hablar de cosas extraordinarias estando lleno del Espiritu Santo. Sabemos que Juan el Bautista seria un predicador y trataria de reconciliar miembros de familia hacia el amor eterno de DIOS, Padre. Aprendemos que Juan el Bautista empezo su ministerio en el desierto y despues fue al rio Jordan donde predicaba salvacion, arrepentimiento, y la necesidad de la renovacion espiritual.

Sabemos que a traves de todo esto, hay muchas decadas que pasan donde no hay profeta que hable al pueblo de DIOS. Malaquias era el ultimo profeta que le hablo a la gente en tiempos dificiles. Hay otros libros en la literatura que explican de eventos que pasaron entre el tiempo de Malaquias y la llegada de Juan el Bautista.

Nos dice la Biblia en uno de tres libros que documenta los eventos de Jesus el Redentor que Juan el Bautista nacio de padres que era avanzados en edad. Similar a los decendientes de Abraham y Sarah y similar a las promesas de DIOS, Juan el Bautista nace de la fe de sus padres porque caminaban haciendo el bien and viendo que DIOS proviniera las necesidades.

Podemos ver el fervor y candor de lo que Juan el Bautista predicaba con detalles de la fe que existia para seguir el proposito de DIOS. Vemos que empezo a predicar y a bautizar a las personas en la region de Judea en la parte sur de Israel. Vemos que las personas querian ser bautizadas por el y esto causo el interes de los sacerdotes de ese tiempo. Mientras que los sacerdotes estaban divididos en dos partes, los Fariseos y los Saduceos basados en las creencias de doctrina de las escrituras y parte doctrina verbal, podemos ver que Juan el Bautista predicaba la palabra de DIOS en acuerdo con el Espiritu Santo. Podemos ver los primeros argumentos que existian entre los sacerdotes y Juan el Bautista.

Ese importante tomar note del emphasis que hay en este tema para no causar controversia o division. El temo es para tratar de entender las diferencias que existen en la adoracion y tratar the entender la verdad que existe. Juan el Bautista queria que los sacerdotes mantenieran el arrepentimiento. Esto quiere decir que los sacerdotes tenian instruccion en las escrituras y tradiciones verbales, pero no tenian la misma conviccion o fe que otros individuos tenian para DIOS. Este es uno de los temas de contencion de los previos profetas incluyendo a Malaquias cuando las personas del exilio no adoraban a DIOS con todo el corazon pero solamente moderadamente.

Si podemos creer lo que Malaquias decia segun la llegada de Juan el Bautista como Elias, se puede decir que hay entendimiento que hay temas similares que existen y que afectan a todos las personas de la comunidad. Sabemos que Juan el Bautista no predicaba para ganar favores, dinero, o alguna ganancia secundaria. Se puede deducir que Juan el Bautista seria un predicador que queria continuar el proposito de DIOS.

Se puede ver con lo que Juan el Bautista predica que es similar a lo que Malaquias predicaba diciendo a la gente que mantuviera al arrepentimiento. Se sabia que Juan el Bautista seria un profeta desde temprano. En las escrituras dice que Juan el Bautista estaria “lleno del Espiritu Santos” y “ayudaria a que los hijos e hijas de Israel regresaran a DIOS,” fueron las promesas que DIOS dio.

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