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Cryptocurrency E-News: “News With a Purpose” Wednesday, 05/19/2021

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Adoption of Cryptocurrency in Different Countries

With the recent news of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies being seen as speculative and volatile in China, other countries are seeing the ability to use the new technology as possible methods to supplement the fiat currencies that already exist. China issued yesterday the need for businesses and banks to not work with cryptocurrencies while allowing individuals the ability to continue holding cryptocurrencies. Another news today is that a northern Asian country has decided to stop cryptocurrency mining.

In America, cryptocurrencies has seen an increase of favorable regulations that have allowed for cryptocurrency exchanges to gain not only legitimacy but also security and transparency. We are able to see that some states have taken measures to help with the adoption not only of the technology but also favoring them as payment methods. We are seeing favorable regulation depending on each states guidance. While each nation and each state within a nation may have different regulations to the use of cryptocurrencies, it is important to learn the method that cryptocurrencies can be used in a specific country and state.

Self-learning is important in the cryptocurrency world in order to understand cryptocurrency projects and the ability to learn how to use them for the improvement of society and nature. We are seeing a great discussion occurring about the need for cryptocurrencies to be transparent, the need for social positive uses, environmental concerns, and the need to keep the technology safe. While the economic aspect of gaining a return on a cryptocurrency can be a reason to learn, there are greater methods that cryptocurrencies can help.

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Cryptocurrency Adoption in the United States

“However, if we fast forward to 2021, according to a new survey by Satoshilabs, 46% of Americans say that they own cryptos with almost 95% of them believing that crypto exchanges in the USA are a real currency solution.”

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