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Old Testament and New Testament: Psalm 145: 3-4

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“Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised, and his greatness is unsearchable. One generation shall commend your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts.” – Psalm 145: 3-4

Psalm 145: 3-4 Bible Verse Audio
Psalm 145: 3-4 Bible Verse Audio Minute

We are able to see that throughout history Abraham and Sarah were able to teach their children about the importance of GOD and allowed these teachings to endure from generation to generation. We are able to see how each new generation was able to keep the belief and faith in GOD. We see that there were great works that GOD did for those that believed. We are reminded to extol and give praise to GOD because He is able to work mighty acts that allow us to understand why we need to have faith and believe.

We see in the Psalms and in other books of the Bible the manner in which some of the praises are arranged in poems and are meant to be sang. We see the verses in the Psalms which are mostly written in poetry and were spoken or sang with instruments. In Psalm 150 we are reminded of the need to praise GOD for all His wonders and greatness. We know that there is truth in this as we continue to see the ability of new generations being able to praise GOD.

We are able to see that we cannot understand the unsearchable greatness and understand sometimes, but we can continue to have faith in GOD and be able to declare His steadfast love and faithfulness and declare this to the newer generations. We are able to see that the Psalms of praise allow us to praise GOD and declare His steadfast love and grace. We are able to see that our faith continues throughout generations and will remain throughout generations.

“Grande es el SEÑOR, y digno de ser alabado en gran manera, y Su grandeza es inescrutable. Una generacion alabara Tus obras a otra generacion, Y anunciara Tus hechos poderosos.” -Salmos 145” 3-4

Salmo 145: 3-4 Pasaje de la Biblia Audio
Salmo 145: 3-4 Pasaje de la Biblia Audio Minuto

Podemos ver con la historia de Abraham y Sarah que pudieron instruir a sus hijos sobre la importancia de DIOS y las enseñansas siguieron por generaciones. Podemos ver que cada generacion pudo mantener la creencia y fe en DIOS. Vemos las acciones que DIOS hizo para aquellos que creen en las promesas de DIOS. Tenemos la habilidad de recordar y alabar a DIOS por lo que hace y tambien podemos entender la necesidad de tener fe y creer.

Vemos en los Salmos y otros libros de la Biblia la manera que las adoraciones esta escritas en poemas y estan escritas de manera que se puedan cantar. Vemos los versos de los Salmos fueron escritos para decir o cantar con instrumentos. En el Salmo 150, podemos ver que necesitamos alabar a DIOS y las grandezas y milagros que ha hecho por los que creen. Podemos ver esto con las nuevas generaciones que creen en DIOS.

Aveces no podemos enter pero se puede tener fe en DIOS y alabar el amor duradero y las promesas que DIOS hace hacia los que creen incluyendo las nuevas generaciones. Vemos que los Salmos de alabanza nos enseñan como alabar a DIOS y declarar el amor duradero y gracia de DIOS. Vemos que la fe continua con nuevas generaciones de creyentes.

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