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Old Testament and New Testament: Luke 4: 12 (English and Spanish)

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“And Jesus answered him, ‘It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone.’” – Luke 4: 4

Luke 4: 4 Bible Verse Audio

“And Jesus answered him, ‘It is written, ‘You shall worship the LORD your GOD, and him only shall you serve.’” – Luke 4: 8

Luke 4: 8 Bible Verse Audio

“And Jesus answered him, ‘It is said, ‘You shall not put the LORD your GOD to the test.’” – Luke 4: 12

Luke 4: 12 Bible Verse Audio
Luke 4 Bible Verse Audio Minute

We are able to see that Jesus was to begin his ministry at the appropriate time. We see how John the Baptist is sent in preparation for the ministry of Jesus and is able to preach and baptize individuals. We are also able to see that John the Baptist preached in a manner that did not hold back the truth from the people. We learn that there were people that learned from John’s message and became disciples of John; however, John made sure that the people knew that it was not John that they were looking for but it was Jesus Christ who was to begin the ministry. John was humble enough to know that any power or authority that he had had been given to him by GOD to preach the Gospel.

In a similar manner, we are tempted to believe that any gift that is given by GOD to be used to preach the Gospel is self-made. In reality like John the Baptist stated, there is one who is greater than I. Jesus Christ is greater than any name. We soon discover the temptations that exist when Jesus Christ is tempted in the desert when he was fasting for multiple nights and days. We see that he is tempted concerning the appetite, but quickly counters with the faith knowing that the word of GOD is also nourishment to the soul.

We see the temptations include not only self-adoration, but the need to worship external idols. Jesus was tempted to worship something other than GOD. Jesus Christ quickly responded with the first commandment stating that we as believers are meant to worship GOD the Father. We are able to see that GOD wants us to remember that He is there protecting us and guiding us as He guided Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. We are able to answer to every temptation with prayer, worship, and scripture.

In the last of the three temptations, Jesus was told to jump from the a point of the temple in order to gain the attention of the people. Jesus Christ notes this and quickly states that GOD had decided how his ministry was to take place. It was GOD who was making sure that the ministry is done in His specific manner and not of the worlds. Jesus states that GOD is in control and His methods are to be followed.

We learn that in the life of a Christian, believer, apostle, or of those who claim that Jesus Christ is the salvation of the world and who died on the cross and resurrected on the third day, there are temptations that we are meant to prevent our ministry and our testimony to the power and glory of Jesus Christ. We are reminded that we are able to defend ourselves with the Scriptures.

“Y Jesus le respondio, ‘Esta escrito, ‘No solo del pan vive el hombre.’” – Lucas 4: 4

Lucas 4: 4 Pasaje de la Biblia Audio

“Y Jesus le respondio, ‘Esta escrito, ‘Alabaraz solamente al Senor tu DIOS, y solamente a el serviras.’”- Lucas 4: 8

Lucas 4: 8 Pasaje de la Biblia Audio

“Y Jesus le respondio, ‘Esta escrito, ‘No pondras al Senor tu DIOS a prueba.’” – Lucas 4: 12

Lucas 4: 12 Pasaje de la Biblia Audio
Lucas 4 Pasaje de la Biblia Audio Minuto

Podemos ver que Jesus empieza su ministerio en el tiempo apropiado. Vemos que Juan el Bautista es mandado en preparacion para el ministerio de Jesus y empieza a predicar y a bautizar individuos. Podemos ver que Juan el Bautista predica de manera que dice la verdad a las personas. Aprendemos que hay personas que aprendieron del mensaje de Juan el Bautista porque se convirtieron en dicipulos, aunque Juan el Bautista reiteraba multiples veces que Jesus el Cristo es al que hiban a seguir para obtener vida eterna. Juan el Bautista es humilde para saber que el poder y autoridad que se le habia otorgado era por medio de DIOS para predicar la palabra de DIOS.

En una manera similar, creyentes son tentados a creer que los regalos espirituales de DIOS son por uno mismo. Vemos que esto no es cierto, y que todo regalo espiritual viene de DIOS para predicar la palabra de DIOS. Como Juan el Bautista quien dice que hay alguien quien seria el que los bautizara con el Espiritu Santo. Juan sabe que Jesus el Cristo es mas grande en autoridad que Juan y que el nombre de Jesus el Cristo es el nombre que esta por encima de todos los nombres. Vemos que hay tentaciones que existen cuando Jesus entra al desierto y empieza a ayunar. Vemos que es tentado con el apetito que tiene, pero luego responde con las escrituras diciendo que no solo de pan vive el hombre. Tambien las palabras de DIOS son comida espiritual para el alma.

Vemos que las tentanciones incluyen no solo la adoracion personal sino tambien la adoracion de idolos externos. Jesus fue tentado a adorar a un idolo externo que no era Dios Padre. Jesus responde con el primer mandamiento diciendo que debemos de solamente adorar a DIOS Padre. Vemos que Jesus puede responder con la ayuda de DIOS Padre y el Espiritu Santo. Podemos ver que nos podemos defender con las escrituras, orando, y adorando a DIOS Padre.

En la ultima tentacion, vemos que a Jesus se le dice que brinque de un punto en el templo para obtener la atencion de la gente. Jesus entiende que esto no es la manera que DIOS Padre queria que cumpliera la voluntad de DIOS. Jesus estaba haciendo la voluntad de DIOS y hiba hacer de manera que DIOS especificara. Jesus indica que DIOS esta en control y debemos de seguir lo que DIOS nos dice.

Vemos que en la vida de un creyente Cristiano, apostol, o individuo que confiese que Jesus es el Cristo que murio en la cruz recusito al tercer dia y esta sentado a la derecha del Padre, habran tentaciones a vencer con la ayuda de DIOS Padre, Hijo, y Espiritu Santo. Las tentaciones estan hechas para prevenir el ministerio que DIOS nos a dado y el testimonio del poder y autoridad de Jesus el Cristo. Podemos recordar que podemos defendernos con las escrituras sagradas.

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