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E-News Review: Sunday, 05/30/2021

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With the current topic of vaccinations, we are seeing vaccine hesitancy that is occurring in some states. While incentives like beer, lottery tickets, and scholarships are being offered for those that are vaccinated, it is important to note that the vaccinations have not been studied to know the effects that they can have on children and adults. It is important to note that most vaccines of the past had several years of studies and written reports indicating how effective the vaccines were. For the current vaccines that use different technology, it is important to learn about the vaccines, the manner in which the vaccines work, and literature over specific time indicating the positive benefits of the vaccines. Without this, vaccine hesitancy is a normal reaction to the rapid output of vaccines that have not been scientifically studied over a long period of time. I am not stating that you should not get the vaccine or that you should get the vaccine. It is better to wait and see how the vaccine words over years to know the new vaccine works.

While some may see vaccine hesitancy as a negative towards reaching herd immunity, it is important to note that individuals have a right to choose if they want to be vaccinated or not. Individuals are free to choose to wait, not get the vaccine, or to get the vaccine. It is important that you learn about the vaccine and compare and contrast to previous vaccines to know how it works. Meanwhile, we can wait for studies to be published concerning how the vaccines work.


This past week there were different news about cryptocurrency. While some countries are in favor of using cryptocurrency, it is important to note that China has decided to ban cryptocurrencies and institute its own country’s cryptocurrency. While this may be due to environmental concerns, it is also known that the digital cryptocurrency of China has increased in value while the rest of the cryptocurrencies have decreased. It is important to note that if countries are able to ban cryptocurrencies for a digital fiat currency, cryptocurrency values may decrease. If you are new to the cryptocurrency community, it is better to wait and see how cryptocurrencies are permitted in each country prior to investing. There are cryptocurrencies that have increased in value, and cryptocurrencies that have decreased due to the news. South Korea is also looking to use a program that will attempt to use a fiat cryptocurrency of its currency.

It is interesting to note that while cryptocurrencies were created for the free use of buying and selling, we do not know how that may change with a digital fiat cryptocurrency. If countries follow China, it may not be a good perspective. If they allow both cryptocurrencies and digital fiat currencies then that would not be a negative news. Regardless, it is important to learn about the technology and understand its use prior to investing or attempting to buy and sell with the cryptocurrencies. I am not saying do not buy cryptocurrencies or buy cryptocurrencies, I am saying research about cryptocurrencies and news prior to making a decision.

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