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Old Testament and New Testament: Matthew 4: 18-19 (English and Spanish)

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“While walking by the Sea of Galilee, he saw two brothers, Simon (who is called Peter) and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea, for they were fishermen. And he said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” – Matthew 4: 18-19

Matthew 4: 18-19 Bible Verse Audio
Matthew 4: 18-19 Bible Verse Audio Minute

We are able to see that when Jesus Christ called the first disciples, he included people from different professions and work. When we see that he begins to call on his first disciples, we see him call Peter and his brother Andrew who were fishermen. Jesus even went with them on the boat and helped them find how to catch fish. To this miracle, they follow Jesus and Peter acknowledges that Jesus is the Christ. However, Jesus Christ had the intention not of Peter and Andrew continuing being fishermen, but disciples that would be able to preach the Gospel to everyone in Israel and those in the world.

We also learn that Jesus changes the names of his apostles to signify how He is changing us from who we were in the past. Jesus is telling us that we are worthy of entering the kingdom of Heaven and that we are able to change from our previous life of sin. To Simon, He calls Peter. To Saul, He calls Paul. He is able to change not only our beliefs and teach us how to be better Christians, but he also changed names of his apostles to allow us to understand that we are completely new creations through Jesus.

We also see that Jesus is able to make disciples of different individuals from different places of society. He also makes disciples of tax collectors like Matthew. These individuals were not seen in a positive light in society, but Jesus calls them out to be able to be a new creation with Jesus Christ. He changes them and makes them apostles that are able to preach the word of GOD to Israel and the world. We can see that Jesus cares about who we are and how we can change into better believers through His guide.

“Y andando junto al mar de Galilea, vio a dos hermanos, Simon, llamado Pedro, y Andres su hermano, echando una red al mar, porque eran pescadores. Y les dijo: Seguidme, y yo os hare pescadores de hombres.” – Mateo 4: 18-19

Mateo 4: 18-19 Pasaje de la Biblia Audio
Mateo 4: 18-19 Pasaje de la Biblia Audio Minuto

Podemos ver que Jesus el Cristo hace sus primeros apostoles incluyendo a personas de diferentes profesiones y trabajo. Cuando vemos que llama a sus primeros dicipulos, vemos que llama a Pedro y su hermano Andres quien eran pescadores. Jesus va con ellos en el bote y los ayuda a pescar. Con este milagro, Pedro dice que Jesus es Cristo. Jesus tenia la intencion de que Pedro y Andres no fueran pescadores sino apostoles que predicaran la palabra de DIOS a todo Israel y al mundo.

Tambien aprendemos que Jesus les cambia el nombre a sus apostoles para significar como nos cambia de quien eramos en el pasado. Jesus les dice a los apostoles que son dignos de entrar al reino de los Cielos y pueden ser diferentes a lo que eran en el pasado de pecado. A Simon lo llama Pedro. A Saul lo llama Pablo. Jesus puede cambiar no solo nuestras crencias pero tambien ayudar a entender como ser mejores Cristianos, pero tambien cambia los nombres para decirnos que somos nuevas creaciones con Jesus.

Tambien vemos que Jesus el Cristo hace dicipulos de diferentes individuos en diferentes lugares de sociedad. Hace dicipulos de los colecionistas de impuestos como Mateo. Estos individuos en el pasado no eran vistos respetablemente, pero Jesus llama a todo individuo para que sea una nueva creacion con Jesus el Cristo. Jesus cambia a los individuos y crea apostoles que predican la palabra de DIOS a Israel y a todo el mundo. Vemos que Jesus le importa quien somos y como podemos cambiar para ser mejores creyentes con Jesus el Cristo como nuestra guia.

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