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Old Testament and New Testament: Matthew 10: 26-27

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“So have no fear of them, for nothing is covered that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known. What I tell you in the dark, say in the light, and what you hear whispered, proclaim on the housetops.” – Matthew 10: 26-27

Jesus gives His apostles the direction to be able to prophesy and be able to preach. Jesus preached in a manner that used parables to tell us about the importance of a specific story. We are able to understand the importance of what Jesus tells us because He wants us to be able to learn the word of GOD and preach the word of GOD to others. He told his apostles to go preach the word of GOD for the saving of people.

We learn that he was able to send apostles to various regions and instruct them to preach about the kingdom of Heaven. Jesus wanted to show individuals that they were important to GOD and were able to help proclaim the word of GOD and the belief. We are able to read that through their preaching, they were able to proclaim the words that Jesus had instructed them.

We learn that the apostles were able to preach the word of GOD since there were people who converted in several books of the Bible including the individuals mentioned by Paul and Peter. We are able to see that the word of GOD is meant to be preached for everyone and to help everyone understand that GOD is able to help us learn the word and the steadfast love and grace that He has for us.

“Asi que no temais, porque nada hay encubierto que no haya de ser revelado, ni oculto que no haya de saberse. Lo que os digo en la oscuridad, habladlo en la luz; y lo que ois al oido, proclamadlo desde las azoteas.” – Mateo 10: 26-27

Jesus daba instrucciones a los apostoles para que profesaran y predicaran. Jesus predicaba en una manera que utilizaba parabolas para decirnos sobre la importancia de una historia. Podemos entender que Jesus queria que entendieramos el significado de la palabra de DIOS y predicar la palabra de DIOS a otros. Queria que se predicara la palabra para la salvacion de las personas.

Podemos saber que mando apostoles a varias regiones y les instruyo que predicaran sobre el reino de los Cielos. Jesus quiere decir a los individuos que son importante a DIOS y que podian proclamar la palabra de DIOS y la fe. Podemos entender que cuando se predicaba la palabra, podian proclamar las palabras de DIOS que Jesus dijo.

Sabemos que los apostoles podian predicar la palabra de DIOS porque habian libros que nos dicen sobre individos que predicaban como Pablo y Pedro. Vemos que la palabra de DIOS esta para ser predicada y para que personas puedan entender la palabra de DIOS que DIOS quiere que entendamos para entender el amor eterno y salvacion que nos da.

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