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Matthew 24: 7-8 (English and Spanish)

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“For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are but the beginnings of the birth pains.” – Matthew 24: 7-8

Jesus was able to speak about different topics when he preached. He was able to speak about sins, forgiveness of sins, the steadfast love of GOD, and also about the end times. He instructed believers not to be afraid of the end times, but to understand that there were several events that needed to take place before those times. In Matthew 24: 7-8, we are told that Jesus predicted that there would be division and that nations would be at strife.

We also learn that Jesus instructed of the increase of events of nature such as famines and earthquakes that would occur at various places. We are able to see that while these natural disasters have occurred for multiple years, the amount would be increased according to the predictions of Jesus. We know that Jesus had predicted several events that took place concerning the end times.

While believers can know about the study of eschatological events, they should not worry because Jesus instructs believers to have faith. We are told that we must not worry about the end time events and place our trust in Jesus.

“Nacion peleara contra nacion, reino contra reino, y habra escaces y terremotos en varios lugares. Todo esto son los principios de los tiempos.” – Mateo 24: 7-8

Jesus pudo predicar de diferentes temas cuando predicaba. Hablaba sobre los pecados, el perdon de los pecados, y el amor duradero de DIOS, y el fin de los tiempos. Jesus le instruia a los creyentes que no tubieran miedo de esos tiempos pero que entendieran que eventos tenian que pasar. En Mateo 24: 7-8, se nos dice que Jesus predico que hiba a ver division entre naciones y habria conflicto.

Jesus tambien dijo que hiba a ver incrementos de escacez y terremotos en varios lugares. Vemos que a habido desastres naturales por tiempo, pero que se han incrementado. Sabemos que Jesus predico sobre eventos antes del fin de los tiempos.

Aunque creyentes pueden estudiar sobre estos tiempos, no hay temor porque Jesus nos dice que hay que tener fe. Jesus nos dice que not tengamos preocupacion sobre estos tiempos porque podemos poner nuestra confienza en Jesus.

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