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Luke 17: 26 (English and Spanish)

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“Just as it was in the days of Noah, so will it be in the days of the Son of Man.” – Luke 17: 26

We again are able to see the manner in which the days of Noah and the days of Lot are similar to the days when Jesus Christ returns from heaven being at the right hand side of GOD. We are able to understand that there were similarities between the days of Noah and Lot. In the Bible, it states that people were going on in the similar manner without realizing that there would be natural disasters occurring.

We are reminded to keep faith in GOD and to make sure to follow the word of GOD. We are instructed to keep the commandments and follow the belief in GOD in order to continue in the manner that Jesus Christ instructed believers. We see that in the days of Noah, Noah began to build the boat that would transfer not only his family but creation to safety. We are able to see that Lot was guided by an angel to safety after seeing the iniquity that existed in the inhabitants of the city.

We are instructed to keep our faith in GOD and to trust that He can save like He saved those righteous individuals from the natural disasters, so will Jesus Christ save those that place their trust in His belief. We learn that Lot and Noah represent the saints and those that believe in GOD.

“Similar a los dias de Noe seran los dias del Hijo del Hombre.” – Lucas 17: 26

Podemos ver que en la manera similar de los dias de Noe y de Lot tambien similarmente seran los dias antes que Jesus el Cristo regrese del cielo. Vemos que hay similitudes entre los dias de Noe y Lot. En la Biblia, dice que gente actuaba de manera normal sin saber que desastres naturales ocurririan.

Hay indicacion de tener fe en DIOS y seguir la palabra de DIOS. Podemos ver que podemos seguir los mandamientos y seguir la creencia en DIOS para continuar en la manera similar que Jesus el Cristo instruyo a los seguidores. Vemos que en los dias de Noe, Noe construyo el bote donde pudieron resguardarse del diluvio y salvar a la creacion. Vemos que Lot fue guiado por un angel y poder resguardarse.

Tenemos las instruciones de mantener fe en DIOS y creer que puede salvar aquellos que ponen su confianza en DIOS. Noe y Lot fueron individuos que fueron salvados por la fe que tenian en DIOS. Sabemos que Lot y Noe representan a los santos que cren en DIOS.

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