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Isaiah’s Belief

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” You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you. Trust in the LORD forever, for the LORD GOD is an everlasting rock.” – Isaiah 26: 3-4

We learn that Isaiah is a prophet that is able to preach the word of GOD, prophesy about Jesus Christ, and describe in detail the steadfast love and grace that GOD gives. We are reminded that Isaiah was sent to preach in order for people to change their paths prior to the exile. GOD sent Jeremiah and Ezekiel along with Isaiah to tell people the need to change their sin to repentance. This is all in order to save people from their sin.

We learn that Jesus is seen in the manner in which He was sent to save humanity from sin and be an example of the steadfast love of GOD. We see Isaiah and the prophets serving as examples of GOD’s instruction in order for people to obtain salvation. Jesus would arrive and preach to people about the commandments and the need for repentance and would cause prophecy to be realized.

Isaiah tells us the peace that exists in those that trust in GOD in a similar reminder that Moses and believers during the journey to the Promised Land experienced. While they were in the wilderness, some of the people grumbled while believers held to the faith placed in GOD through the leadership of Moses. We learn that believers were able to eat the bread of heaven when GOD rained bread from heaven and also drink water from a flint. We read that Jesus tells how the word of GOD is necessary for life. We are able to trust in GOD’s promises that He will never leave or forsake believers. While those that did not have faith only saw wilderness, believers saw the ability to have faith in GOD. We are able to learn that our GOD provides even when it appears that there are difficulties. He took His people from a foreign country and gave them a land. He allowed them to eat and drink in the desert while making their way to the land that was promised for them. When He wanted to make us better believers in our walk with GOD through grace, He gave us His only son to obtain salvation.

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