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Jesus Christ Preached in Isaiah

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“And the Spirit of the LORD shall rest upon him, the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, the Spirit of knowledge and the fear of the LORD.” – Isaiah 11: 2-3

We read in different chapters and verses of Isaiah that tell us about the prophesy about Jesus Christ and how He would save his people and being about salvation for the world. In another chapter of Isaiah, we learn Jesus Christ would be wise and have understanding. We learn in the Gospel that Jesus was able to teach individuals at the synagogues and at the Mount of Olives among other places in Israel. We learned that Jesus was able to argue and discuss the ideas of faith, steadfast love, and Grace all the while having wisdom in teaching through parables and also by preaching.

We can see that Jesus had the Spirit that allowed for knowledge and wisdom to be seen. The Pharisees were surprised at the wisdom of Jesus when He preached attempting to ask trivial and disingenuous questions only to test the response of Jesus. To this we see that Jesus preaches with sincerity and humility. We learn of the responses that He gives to the Pharisees and disciples and are amazed at the wisdom that is seen.

We also know that Jesus made sure to continue the purpose of GOD instead of following other purposes. While Jesus was tempted to follow other paths, He was able to continue with what GOD had purposed for him. We learn that Jesus was able to endure the hating and jealousy of the world and was able to bring about salvation because He cared about the purpose of GOD and His believers that have been saved from the world including the apostles, disciples, prophets, and believers in Jesus. We know that Jesus is prophesied in Isaiah because Isaiah was a faithful prophet that prophesied truth and Jesus even read from Isaiah when teaching. We know that Jesus is the suffering servant in Isaiah’s initial chapters but also the judge at the end of history in Isaiah’s latter chapters.

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