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An Introduction to Resurrection Radio Podcast

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Resurrection Radio First Episode 1st
Resurrection Radio First Episode 2nd
Resurrection Radio First Episode 3rd
Resurrection Radio First Episode 4th

The Resurrection Radio Podcast is an podcast meant to stir the spirit and seek salvation in the name of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ. The intention of the podcast is to help believers in the faith continue believing even when it appears that there are a decreased amount of Christian content available. It is also meant to cause non-believers to question the false premises that they have used to doubt the faith. With the podcast, I intend to glorify GOD, speak truth, and educate individuals on Jewish and Gentile history and the manner in which the Scriptures have affected history. History is written by GOD and has already been written as we read in the Scriptures.

You can find previous episodes on Spotify and newer episodes on the LanguageStudent.Life Resurrection Radio Podcast Section.

If you have not given your life over to Jesus Christ, there is still time prior to the start of the Time of the Great Tribulation. While there are distractions and other perspectives, the word of GOD is Truth. You can still repent of your sins and gain eternal life by accepting Jesus Christ as LORD and Savior, following the Ten Commandments, and having faith in GOD. We can also pray for the Spirit of Truth to guide us in knowing truth from lies. I hope you enjoy the podcast and can gain a new perspective on the Scriptures.

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