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Resurrection Radio Podcast: First Episode “Psalm 105 and GOD’s Promises to Israel”

In this episode of Resurrection Radio Podcast, we will learn about the faithful promises that GOD fulfilled for Israel through the first covenant with Abraham. We will learn through the Psalm 105 that GOD has upheld His part of the covenant for Israel. We learn that King David, a man of Faith, is able to remind us about the manner in which GOD is faithful to those that believe in GOD.

We are able to learn that GOD has intended blessings for those that believe in GOD and remain faithful through faith, following the Ten Commandments, and repenting of sin. We learn that the promises of the blessings from GOD have been realized through Jesus Christ in the second covenant. We learn that we have the ability to trust GOD in order to receive eternal salvation and the spiritual blessings that GOD has promised.

We will also learn how Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of history and the ability to receive salvation and the Heavenly Kingdom through having belief in Jesus Christ, having faith, following the Ten Commandments, and repenting of sin.

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