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Jesus Christ and Psalm 110

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“The LORD says to my Lord:’Sit ay my right hand, until I make your enemies your footstool.’ The Lord sends forth from Zion your mighty scepter. Rule in the midst of your enemies!” Psalm 110: 1-2

Psalm 110: 1-2 Scripture Verse
Psalm 110: 1-2 Scripture Verse Description

In Psalm 110, we read about the manner in which David prophesies about Jesus Christ who would be the ruler of the world once GOD had decided for this to occur. We know that we do not have specifics during the Psalms of David, but through the Gospel and Revelation, we are able to understand at at the end of the ages, GOD would give Jesus Christ the ability to return and exercise authority over the nations.

We are able to read about this in the Gospel and in Revelation when we find out that this earth is temporary and will not be eternal like the new earth that will be created by GOD at the end of the age. We learn that GOD decides history and has written history from Genesis to Revelation. We can read that GOD wants us to understand that our repentance from sin is necessary in order to make it to the new earth through the salvation of Jesus Christ.

We learn that David was able to prophesy about the future even while he was praising GOD. We learn that Jesus Christ is at the right hand of GOD since the Resurrection and is waiting to return with all Majesty, Glory, and Splendor. In the Psalms, we are able to see how GOD was telling us about the future through David’s praise of GOD. We also learn that David calls Jesus LORD meaning even David acknowledged Jesus Christ as LORD and Savior prior to Jesus’ birth. We are able to understand that we are given the ability to have faith and understand the prophesy that exists in the Psalms concerning Jesus Christ.

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