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Psalm 113 and Praising the Name of GOD

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“Praise the LORD! Praise of servants of the LORD, praise the name of the LORD!” – Psalm 113: 1

Psalm 113 Scripture Audio

“He gives the barren woman a home, making her the joyous mother of children. Praise the LORD!” – Psalm 113: 9

Psalm 113 Scripture Audio
Psalm 113 Description

We learn from Genesis that Sarah is able to give birth to Isaac when she is close to ninety years of age. When both parents are told of the birth of Isaac, they react in disbelief because their age was advanced to conceive. We learn that GOD promises that they would be parents and they are able to see Isaac be born. This impossibility GOD used to show His wonders and miracles for the people of Israel. Out of Isaac, the genealogy of Israel begins.

We learn that not only is Isaac important for confirming the faithfulness of GOD, but it allows for the lineage of Israel to begin culminating in the birth of the savior of the world Jesus Christ. We learn that through Israel, Jesus Christ would be able to be born and become the salvation that was promised by GOD and the prophets. We see in a similar manner that Isaac is fulfilment of the promises of a faithful GOD that blessed Israel.

We are able to learn that John the Baptist’s birth in the New Testament is similar. We learn that both the parents of John the Baptist were advanced in age, were people of faith, and we’re going to receive the promise of having a child that would lead Israel towards repentance of sin and prepare a path for Jesus Christ to begin preaching. We learn that these similarities attest to the manner in which GOD is able to tell us that His promises are fulfilled because He is a righteous GOD. We learn that we can praise GOD for His promises, goodness, steadfast love, faithfulness, and grace.

We learn that Jesus Christ was prophesied in the prophesies of Jeremiah when a New Covenant between GOD and Israel would occur through the life of Jesus Christ who would atone for the sins of the people not only of Israel and Judah but for the world.

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