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Resurrection Radio Podcast: Fourth Episode “The Promises of GOD to Abraham and Sarah”

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The following episode of Resurrection Radio Podcast is about the promises that GOD gave to Abraham and Sarah concerning Israel, Abraham’s descendants, and the ability for Jesus Christ to be born within the lineage of Isaac.

The episode references the promises that GOD gave to Israel and the fulfillment of the promises throughout history. We are able to journey through the history of the Scriptures through a spiritual lens in the Spirit of Truth.

We are also able to see that John the Baptist’s birth is similar to the birth of Isaac and the changes in history that both individuals provide.

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Promises of GOD to Abraham and Sarah”


Good afternoon, I am Eduardo. Your presenter for Resurrection Radio. The topic of today will be promises that GOD gave to Abraham and to Sarah. Also the importance of how history began based on the birth of Isaac. The history of the promises of GOD to Abraham leading to the genealogy that would lead to Jesus Christ, the savior of the world. The previous episodes were to give an introduction to the importance of Scripture, of learning Scripture, and understanding Scripture. Because the Scriptures are inspired by GOD and given by GOD. Not all the authors are the same authors throughout the Scriptures. Paul did write a lot of the New Testament, almost half of the books of the New Testament. Which were thirteen out of twenty seven books. While not all of them are written by the same person, they are inspired by GOD. We see the inspiration of GOD throughout the Scriptures. There are no discrepancies and everything seems to work together and fit together. In order to tell us the truth of the world. The truth of our reality. The truth of our existence.

Promises of Blessings by GOD to Abraham and Sarah

Based on that we know that we have options when deciding whether we want to follow GOD or we do not want to follow GOD. So the importance of this radio show is to tell people the importance of having hope even through everything that we are seeing nowadays. We are still allowed to have hope. GOD gives us that hope and that peace. The peace that surpasses human understanding and worldly understanding. Through it all, we know that we can have joy, peace, understanding, wisdom, and be thankful for all the things that GOD has given us. Be at peace and be calm. Be nurtured in the Spirit through the word of GOD. We are able to see the beginning of the state of Israel, based on a family. Based on Abraham and Sarah. Based on them two, Israel would become a nation. This is based on the promises of GOD. This is not based on them two deciding to birth a nation. It is impossible to think in a worldly perspective about these things. To think about these things in a worldly perspective. What is it that happens? GOD promises to Abraham not only that He would give him the land of Canaan, but allow them to have children at an advanced age. It would seem impossible that someone who is close to a hundred years of age, Abraham, would be able to procreate Isaac. That still happens. He is also given the land of Canaan as an inheritance for his descendants after we see the exodus from Egypt. 

GOD promises that the people of Israel would live in Egypt for some time, but GOD would deliver them. We see that also occurs. It happens in real time. GOD states what will happen in history, and then that happens. Before Abraham was a nation, before Israel was a nation, GOD was telling him the future of the nation and what was going to happen.

Israel was in Egypt after the story of Joseph. Israel sojourned in Egypt and the people treated them harshly. Moses is sent to deliver them. Based on this initial information of GOD promising Abraham not only the land of Canaan which they would have. Not only descendants which they would be as numerous as the stars and as numerous as the sands of the sea, also that Abraham would be blessed. We see that Abraham is not only blessed with material abundance, but also doing the right thing and be righteous. That is one of the things that GOD wants from us. He wants us to be righteous. The blessings were based on righteousness. GOD had seen how the world was wicked before. He wanted an example of righteousness, just like Noah was an example of righteousness. When Noah was able to create the ark and save creation based on what GOD had stated. GOD wanted someone who was righteous because the world was wicked. That is why He destroyed the world in the first place through the flood because the world was wicked and we learn that. People were shedding blood, and there was wickedness all around. GOD was angry at this and questioned why He created humanity because everyone was living without GOD. The people had decided to be evil. Everything that is not of GOD is of evil. If it is not evil, it is a fertile ground for evil to plant ideas and to destroy whatever goodness is left there. There are only two basic options that exist. Whether we are with GOD, or we are against GOD. We are able to see Abraham as someone who is righteous and receives blessings.

Blessings by Melchizedek

One of the things that this allows us to see is the promises of GOD. Starting off from the very beginning and also the promises continue throughout history. Through the different people of Israel who go through so much, but are faithful. They are people of faith. The people of Israel based on Abraham were supposed to be a people of faith. That is what is important. To have faith through it all. We see that GOD is able to bless Abraham not only when He speaks to Abraham, when He tells them this, but also through the sending of a high priest, Melchizedek. We spoke before about Melchizedek an episode or two previously, where Melchizedek was a high priest from Salem. A priest king from Salem. I did not specify specifically that he was a high priest of Salem from a city, and Salem meaning peace. Shalom. What this means is that he is a high priest who was a king as well. He sees Abraham going into battle against his enemies to bring back Lot because Lot had been taken with his property. Abraham decides that he is going to take his family back and also the properties that they had. He assembles a band of men around three hundred, more or less, an amount of people. They attack their enemies and bring back Lot and all of his property. We see that the priest creates a feast or banquet based on wine and bread. Which of course signify again to the New Testament. Based on wine and bread, he gives a feast or banquet to Abraham to celebrate the victory and blesses Abraham.

Not only did GOD bless Abraham prior to this, but we see a man that is a priest king bless Abraham. When he blesses Abraham or the way he blesses Abraham is important because he states, “Blessed be Abraham and Blessed be GOD the Creator of the earth.” While he is blessing Abraham, he is also praising GOD. So we know that anyone who confesses that Jesus Christ is king and anyone who confesses that GOD is GOD is in the right Spirit. But we know that those that cannot confess GOD as GOD or Jesus Christ as Savior, redeemer, and LORD, we know that the Spirit of Truth is not in them.

They are not able to confess GOD because of some opposition or difficulty within them, not to acknowledge Jesus. There is those two perspectives. This king acknowledges GOD and praises GOD, then he blesses Abraham. By blessing Abraham, he was representing the blessings that GOD had already given him. He was being blessed twice. He was being blessed by GOD, and he was being blessed by the priest king. This Melchizedek, we do not know much about him. There are only two or three lines that we learn about Melchizedek. But we know through Paul’s writings and Psalm 110, that he was important. Because he is a representation of Jesus Christ who would be a high priest after going through obedience through what GOD decides. The high priest of Salem, or Shalom. A priest king who Jesus is also a priest king. The salvation that He gives and the peace that He gives us through that salvation. The way that he blessed him it states:

After the return after the defeat of Cherdolaomer and the king that were with him, the king of Sodom went out to meet him at the Valley of Chevet, that is the king’s valley. And Melchizedek, king of Salem, brought out bread and wine. He was priest of GOD Most High. And he blessed him and said, ‘ Blessed be Abraham by GOD Most High possessor of heaven and earth. And blessed be GOD Most High, who has delivered your enemies into your hand. And Abraham gave him a tenth of everything. And the king of Sodom said to Abraham, ‘Give me the persons, but take the goods for yourselves.’ Abraham said to the king of Sodom, ‘I have lifted my hand to the GOD Most High possessor of heaven and earth that I would not take a thread or a sandal strap or anything that is yours lest you shall say, ‘I have made Abraham rich. I will take nothing but what the young men have eaten and the share of the men who went with me. Let Ener, Eshkel, and Mamre take their share.’” – Genesis

Abraham Defeats Foes

What is happening is basically that Abraham is that Abraham had just conquered and defeated his foes and brought back Lot and his possessions and the priest king is giving Abraham a feast or food for them and blessing them. Through it all the king of Sodom is telling Abraham to take also other goods but Abraham is saying no. Only through what was received through the struggle. He stated that he did not want people to say that it was because of someone else that this victory occurred. All of this was through GOD. We see through the food that is given that GOD is being given praise for the defeat of their enemies of Abraham. They signify the initial enemies of Israel. Because we see that there are enemies of Israel throughout the lineage and through history. This was the first understanding that there were enemies of Israel. Because we see that they take Lot, who is very close to Abraham. Abraham defends his family member and then the properties or possessions.

Abraham’s Name Changed and the Apostles Name’s Changed

We are able to see that Abraham’s name is changed as well. First he is know as Abram. GOD changes his name to Abraham. The reason for that is he was transforming Abram to Abraham, into someone different. And we know that Jesus also changed the names of apostles and disciples. There is that continuation that occurs. When we hear that Jesus Christ is not really GOD, we see the same things that GOD did in the Old Testament through Jesus. Even the things that He did to individuals on a personal level for those individuals. So then we see that just as Abram’s name is changed to Abraham so are the apostles names changed from, for example, Simon which is Peter. His name is changed to Peter and it means rock. This means that Jesus Christ is the chief cornerstone, and He was telling Peter that he was going to be like a rock or cornerstone. He would be able to fight against his enemies, and he would lift the name of GOD up high and he would be like a chief cornerstone. It is something that is positive to build upon for those that are good, but to people that are evil, it is a stumbling block. Where they stumble upon it, so we know that Jesus Christ changed the name of the apostles and GOD changed the name of Abraham. 

 Also, Saul who was a persecutor of the Church, and He changed his name to Paul in order to help him forget about his past, and that he was a new creation through Jesus Christ. When we do not know Jesus Christ, we may live in sin and we may do things that are horrible just like Paul was doing persecuting the Church where Stephen was killed because of Paul. We see the story of Stephen. Stephen attested to the story of Israel from the beginning of Abraham to the point after the resurrection of Jesus. We learn that the people get angry because how could he be stating these things. They are blasphemy according to the persecutors who do not believe in Jesus. But according to the Old Testament and New Testament attest to Jesus Christ being Savior. The people start doing weird things like gnashing their teeth, they start not wanting to hear, and they pick up rocks to throw at them. It just shows that there was something spiritual that was ongoing there from Stephen who was filled with the Spirit of Truth and the people who were acting differently. What is it that happens? We learn that Stephen is stoned at the same time that he sees Jesus Christ in the clouds seated at the Right Hand Side of GOD and he goes up to heaven. He also forgives his enemies when he is dying in the similar manner that Jesus Christ forgave when crucified. Even the robber or criminal to his right side because he acknowledge Jesus Christ as GOD. He acknowledge Jesus as LORD and Savior. Jesus was dying, he was not cursing at people, he was not hating people, he was blessing the individual to the right hand who said, “LORD remember me when you get to Paradise.”And what is it that Jesus says,“You will be in Paradise this very night.”

Paul Transformation

So it is beautiful that we have a Savior that forgives and gives eternal life even when he is dying on the cross. That is something that is very unusual and very unique. Also we see Stephen do the same thing when he says, “LORD forgive them for they know not what they do.” Something to that effect the people were not knowing what they were doing. They were filled with hate, and filled with anger, and with a lot of negative emotions, but they were not understanding the reality of things. That is why we have to have patience with people because not everyone understands the reality of GOD and the reality of Jesus. When we learn that Stephen was being stoned, it was at the request of Paul. Paul had requested for believers to be killed. Paul converts to Christianity on seeing Jesus. When this happens, it is on a road to persecution, to the persecution of Christians. He sees a blinding light that does not allow him to see and he falls down and he is unable to see and he grasps at things in order to get up in order to see. But he can’t see. The people that are there with him also can’t see, and they run away. We see that Paul asks the LORD, “LORD who are you LORD?” And Jesus answers, “He who you are persecuting, Jesus.” We learn that even when Paul was persecuting, he is being given a chance by Jesus Christ to change his ways and that is exactly what he did. That is why he wrote thirteen of the twenty seven New Testament letters to the Churches in writing. Not only writing, visiting the Churches, making sure they had funds to continue preaching, and then making sure that they were honest and they were doing the right thing. Making sure that they were not false Christians, or false believers. Making sure they were reproved when they were not doing the correct thing. That is what Paul did. GOD is telling us that He is able to change our names, and change who we are, and change what we do. We can change based on GOD and not on us through ourselves, but through GOD. Abraham is changed from an individual who was intelligent, knew what he was doing, who had properties and possessions, and he had a wife, but GOD promises to Abraham that he would have a son, GOD promises Abraham that he would father a nation, and GOD would promises his descendants who would be like the sands of the sea or as numerous as the stars of the sky, He would give them the land of Canaan. With those promises, He was going to give Abraham a lot. Giving him a lot of things that He would be receiving. Abraham is a righteous individual.

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