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Resurrection Radio Podcast: Fifth Episode “Jeremiah’s Persistence”

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In this episode of Resurrection Radio Podcast, we can learn about the Book of Jeremiah and how the prophet was able to be selected by GOD even before birth to be a prophet of GOD. We learn of the promises of GOD made to the prophet and the fulfillment of the promises. We can also learn about how GOD is able to provide and give grace even to those who are not living according to the faith and Ten Commandments.

We learn about the answers of GOD to Jeremiah about why it seems that the wicked prosper similar to the questions that Moses and Job ask GOD. We can find understanding in the word of GOD and learn that regardless of the circumstances, GOD is righteous, faithful, and gives grace.

We also learn that through Jeremiah, Jesus Christ is preached as a Second Covenant between GOD and Israel.


Jeremiah’s Persistence”

Good afternoon! This is your presenter Eduardo for Resurrection Radio. The topic of today will be concerning the book of Jeremiah. The reason for that is because Jeremiah is the one who states about the New Covenant that would occur between GOD and the people of Israel. The new covenant is made because of the sin of the inhabitants of Israel during the time of Jeremiah. The First Covenant was between GOD and Abraham. The Second Covenant is between GOD and Israel but through the intercessor of Jesus Christ. We are going to get into the Second Covenant that is spoken of and prophesied by Jeremiah that is actualized in Jesus Christ.

Now the word of the LORD came to me, saying, ‘Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you;I appointed you a prophet to the nations.”- Jeremiah 1: 4-5

There are philosophical arguments concerning if we have freedom of choice or if there is destiny. This is complex because it is something that GOD has created. We see that GOD has a lot of intricate detail and a lot of interesting things that He creates. While at first it may seem simple like the description of Genesis, where GOD is describing what He creates. To physicists it may seem simplified or to simple, but we have to understand that GOD is writing this in order for everyone to believe in it. Not just physicists who understand the laws of physics. We know that sometimes things are simplified so that the people can understand when in reality there are a lot of complexities that occur within the word of GOD. Because it is GOD’s creation and there are a lot of complexities. He allows us to understand all of this in the Spirit of Truth. What we learn is that GOD picks our Jeremiah within those of Israel to be a prophet.

It states, “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.” So again like Jesus Christ who was being prophesied in the Psalms of David, we have to remember that GOD has no timeline. GOD has no specific constraints within time. Time does not constrain GOD. GOD creates time. GOD decides time. GOD writes history. We know that based on this, GOD is in control, and that GOD created time. Time cannot define GOD because GOD is eternal and infinite. When we learn this that Jeremiah was formed in the womb, He knew who Jeremiah was going to be. This is in the Spirit. In the Psalms, when David was prophesying about Jesus Christ, he stated that Jesus would be seated at the Right Hand Side of the GOD the Father, without knowing what Jesus would be doing or what would happen. He was praising GOD, and while He was praising GOD he was prophesying about Jesus Christ. We know that even though Jesus was not present at the time of David in the flesh until later, we know that Jesus Christ although not being born He was in the Spirit. He was being praised in the Spirit. For GOD the Father, the Son, and the Spirit of Truth, there are no time constraints and there is no time constraining them. He decides time.

We see this. There are several instances when we know this. It states that Jeremiah was consecrated even before being born. Jeremiah was called to be a prophet. So Jeremiah was going to be a prophet. What does Jeremiah do during his lifetime? He becomes a prophet. He is a prophet to the nations not only to Israel but to the nations. We see in the beginning that he prophesies to Israel, and while he is prophesying he is getting feedback from the people. He is getting understanding from GOD, and he is going through a lot. He is prophesying to the people of Israel who had been stubborn and did not want to hear. That is the reason GOD sends him to prophesy. He does not prophesy once or twice and then leaves. He prophesies the times that GOD tells him to prophesy. This happens multiple times and this shows the grace of GOD and that GOD gives us multiple attempts at trying to be righteous. He forgives us. Jeremiah is a good example of this that GOD states that He wants Jeremiah to get the people to understand. Tell them this and even if they do not understand at least that they are in the wrong path.

As believers, sometimes we want to convert people to Christianity. But we know that it is not up to us, we are only meant to prophesy and to state the Gospel, but then it is not up to us. Then GOD may change the minds of those individuals or to help them in the Spirit of Truth so that individuals could believe in the Gospel or choose to believe in Jesus Christ. GOD is able to do that. To help people grow in Christianity. No one is born a Christian or born with all the knowledge. It is a gradual progression based on our faith. When we have faith, and when we believe in GOD, when we go to GOD, and when we pray to GOD, when we are righteous, and follow the Ten Commandments we are building up on that relationship with GOD. Through this, we are able to become stronger, we become more resilient, and we are able to preach. We are able to be bolder. We are able to do things that in our previous self, we were not able to do. Because GOD transforms us once He calls us, He transforms us and changes us.

For me personally, I was a meek individual who did not like to talk. And now I am able to talk and be bold. Do things based on the Spirit of Truth. Not care about what people might say about me because I care what GOD says about me. Not what people say about me. That is a transformation that occurs and so Jeremiah. Jeremiah is also transformed. We see that initially he preaches to Israel. He sees all that is going on. He sees the difficulties that are occurring at the time. Of course, people committing all kinds of evil. I think idolatry, shedding blood, acting treacherously against one another. Doing all kinds of evil. As this progresses, we see that there is going to be judgment. He tells the people, and the people do not understand. Even through it all, Jeremiah gets persecution. He begins to get slandered or ridiculed or even struck at one point. He sees that the people do not really want to know GOD. Even through it all, he continues on being persistent.

Another thing that happens is that as soon as things start to happen, GOD gives Jeremiah the ability to judge nations. He prophesies based on what GOD says and the judgments that GOD would give against several nations. Not just one nation but several nations. We see that even though the life of believers is not easy and sometimes does not appear linear, we know that we are strengthened, and change, and transformed. Just like Jeremiah is changed and transformed, and he becomes strong. He keeps on going regardless of the circumstances. Jeremiah is able to prophesy for a total of greater than thirty years even through the difficulties which is commendable. He made two converts out of all those years. It is not on him because the people were faithless and it was not on him. That he could not convert a greater number of people. The people did not want to know GOD. They were not going to follow the Ten Commandments or start living in faith.

That is one thing that GOD does the free will and the choice to decide while also having control of everything that is happening. Even in our sin because everyone sins and no one is perfect. No one is born perfect without sinning but at least we try to stop from sinning and we try to catch it so that it does not affect us and we pay attention on Jesus. We say that we are delivered from evil and delivered from temptation. Show us what we are supposed to do so that we do not fall into temptation and sin. We try to keep on going. For the people, even in their sin, they were going to be used by GOD. If you are doing good or evil, GOD still has control. That is what people do not understand. They think that if they do not follow GOD, they are still following GOD’s decisions. This happens whether in righteousness or in sin. We see this with John the Baptist and Judas. Both of them, John the Baptist was righteous and Judas was evil in his heart. We see that even in sin, GOD uses Judas. Even in righteousness, GOD uses John the Baptist to preach the word of GOD. GOD is in control and the outcomes are different. Not only the earthly experience, but also the spiritual experience. John the Baptist of course is in the Kingdom of Heaven. For Judas, it was not a good outcome.

That is why we preach, to give hope to people. They can see that this life is temporary. It is not eternal. This life is not eternal. This life is temporary. The reason we go through trials and tribulations as Christians, is because it is perfecting us in faith. It is perfecting us so that we may inherit the Kingdom of GOD. That is exactly what a lot of the prophets went through. Out of Scripture, the believers and the prophets that is why they are called people of faith. They were not called people of convenience. They were called people of faith because GOD was going to provide for them. GOD was going to show them the way. GOD was going to lead. GOD was going to provide bread from Heaven. GOD was going to provide water from wherever GOD had stated there was going to be water from the stone or flint. GOD was going to basically deliver them from their enemies. They conquered the land and subdued the land. They produced. They generated. They became abundant not only in possession but in number. That is what is faith the ability to know about the promises of GOD will occur based on our faith in GOD. He made these promises to Abraham which GOD faithfully completed. Of course, the part of the humans that did not do the right thing. They did not act righteously, and that is what we are seeing in Jeremiah. That is why Jeremiah is sent.

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