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Resurrection Radio Podcast: Seventh Episode “Jesus Christ and Truth”

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In the seventh episode of Resurrection Radio Podcast, we can learn that Jesus Christ has been portrayed as other forms that are myths and false. We describe the manner in which we can distinguish the true Jesus Christ described in the Gospel. We also understand the false premises that Jesus Christ is idolatry.

Through the episode we attempt to teach through truth and through what the Scriptures say about Jesus Christ. We are reminded that the Scriptures are the word of GOD and state the truth about Jesus Christ. We also see the continuation of the promises of GOD from the prophets and even to the forefathers of Israel.

We can understand that Jesus Christ is the savior of the world sent to give eternal life to those who accept Jesus Christ. We learn that we can understand in detail the truth when we follow the word of GOD. We can understand that Jesus Christ preached repentance of sin, faith, the Ten Commandments, truth, and meekness in continuation to what was preached in Scripture.

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