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The Blessings of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

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“But Laban said to him, ‘If I have found favor in your sight, I have learned by divination that the LORD has blessed me because of you.'”- Genesis 30: 27

Genesis 30: 27 Scripture
Genesis 30: 27 Scripture Description

We learn that the blessings of Abraham were passed on to Isaac and then given to Jacob. We see that GOD’s promise of blessing the descendants of Abraham as being truthful as long as they were righteous. We learn that Isaac and Jacob both honor GOD through their lives and are blessed by GOD. We learn that these blessings cause other people to become aware of the favor that GOD has for righteous believers.

During Isaac’s time, we learn that the Philistines did not want Isaac to live among their territories because he had generated wealth beyond the Phillistines. So great was the dislike for the favor of GOD that the Phillistines began filling wells of water with dirt out of envy even though the wells were necessary. We learn that even through the difficulties Isaac continues to prosper through the favor of GOD.

We learn that Laban also becomes aware of the blessings of GOD for Jacob. He does not want Jacob to leave because of all the wealth that has been created from Jacob’s blessings. We learn that Laban deals in an unfair manner in order to prevent Jacob from leaving. Through it all, we learn that GOD instructs Jacob to go to the territory of his kindred and continue. We learn that GOD loves and cares for Jacob and even protects Jacob from the unfair treatment when GOD gives a vision to Laban. We learn that Jacob praises GOD and even states that he is undeserving of the steadfast love and faithfulness of GOD. This reminds us of the meekness and humble demeanor that GOD defends.

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