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Resurrection Radio Podcast: Ninth Episode “Rapture or Persecution”

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In this episode of Resurrection Radio Podcast, we learn about the possibilities that exist of a Rapture of the Church or persecution. We attempt to look at Scripture and understand what is the scenario that can occur for the Church. While we want to know what will happen, we are reminded to keep our faith in Jesus Christ.

We also describe the need to have the ability to see our belief as a race that can be a marathon. We are instructed by Paul and Peter to keep our faith even through everything that is happening in the world. Paul tells us to maintain our faith on the things that are good like righteousness, kindness, peace, steadfast love, and a pure heart through our belief.

We are reminded that we are to remain in the faith even though the closing of the age would have difficulties. Paul and Peter are good sources of understanding the ability to have peace even through difficulties as they write in the Scriptures. We are also reminded to give praise to GOD in all things and continue.

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