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Ezekiel Preaches During the Exile

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“And you shall know that I am the LORD, when I bring you into the land of Israel, the country that I swore to give to your fathers.”- Ezekiel

We learn that after Jeremiah is sent to preach to Isra l concerning the repentance of sin and returning to the path of GOD, the people continue in their sinful lives. Jeremiah’s persistence allows for believers to understand the grace of GOD towards humanity. Through Jeremiah’s testimony and preaching and prophesying, we learn that GOD would send Israel to exile due to their sin.

Even after Israel is sent to exile, we learn that GOD has the intention of bringing back the remnant of the exile. The remnant was a specific number of believers who were taken to the exile. There were also non-believers in the exile from Israel who were being given grace under GOD’s prophets. Ezekiel is also sent to preach to the exiles and tells them specifically that GOD sees how they do not have faith in GOD. Ezekiel tells the people to repent because those that change from sin to faith will return to the land.

We see these promises occur when after seventy years of exile, the people are able to return to the land that GOD has promised them. This land is specific and given to the people of Israel with the understanding that they must honor GOD and have faith and follow the Ten Commandments according to the preachings of Ezekiel. We learn that GOD is graceful and returns the people to the land. We learn in the time of the prophet who return to the land that they praise GOD and are renewed with faith for being able to be in the land.

Through not only Israel’s land but also the people’s protection and safeguarding by GOD are we able to see a GOD that exists. We are able to see that GOD has protected Israel through history when they follow GOD’s Commandments and beliefs. Whenever there is disbelief and a disregard of GOD’s Commandments then the exiles occur. This shows us that GOD exists. Sin is destructive. GOD’s grace is seen through the prophets and Jesus Christ.

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