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Resurrection Radio Podcast: Episode Fifteen “Moses, Israel, and the Promised Land”

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In this episode of Resurrection Radio Podcast, we are able to understand the story of Moses and also the importance of Israel to GOD. We learn in the story of Moses that after Joseph’s generation was no longer living, the new ruler of Egypt did not take kindly to the Jewish population that was growing. We learn that Israel’s twelve tribes had grown while in Egypt causing the fear of the ruler of Egypt. We learn that this leads the ruler of Egypt to issue a decree to destroy the male children of Israel.

We learn that after this occurs, Moses is placed into safety by being taken in by Pharaoh’s daughter. Moses is able to live in Egypt, and when he is older he decides to stand up for the people of Israel. We learn that Moses strikes an Egyptian and flees away from Egypt. We learn that he becomes a father, husband, and herdsman. GOD calls Moses and tells Moses to prepare for the deliverance of Israel from Egypt through the power of GOD.

In this episode, we can see the manner in which Moses was raised up in an Egyptian manner of life, but at the sight of the injustices against the people of Israel, Moses decides to stand up against Egypt’s yoke. We learn that even through the difficulties, Moses decides to follow the word of GOD and prepare to work as an intermediary intercessor for GOD and the people of Israel.

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