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Resurrection Radio Podcast: Episode Fourteen “Joseph, Betrayal, and GOD’s Goodness”

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In this episode of Resurrection Radio Podcast, we are able to understand the story of Joseph. While there are many recounts of the story, we are able to see how Jesus Christ is symbolized in the betrayal and rise of Joseph. We are also able to see that Joseph is able to gain considerable power when he is sent to Egypt by his brothers. We learn that through the difficulties encountered, Joseph was able to increase in strength, understanding, and faith.

We will learn about the difficulties encountered by Joseph, and the faith shown by Joseph. We learn that through all the opposition that Joseph encounters, GOD is able to guide Joseph and strengthen his faith. We learn that Joseph gains favor in Egypt by the grace of GOD and is able to provide the interpretations of dreams that would prevent the Egyptians and Israel to go through famine.

In this episode, we will also be able to show Jesus Christ is with the believer through the difficulties they encounter. Similar to the difficulties encountered by Jacob, Joseph is able to place his faith in GOD, and he is able to prosper. We know that even through the times when believers are treated unfairly, we are still able to move forward through the grace of GOD.

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