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Psalms of David and Righteousness

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“Therefore the wicked will not stand in the judgment, nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous; for the LORD knows the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked will perish.”- The Psalms 1: 5-6

The Psalms 1: 5-6 Scripture Verse
The Psalms 1: 5-6 Scripture Description

We are reminded by the Psalms of David that GOD makes distinctions between individuals based on their decisions. We know that there are individuals that are righteous and those that are wicked. This is due to the different examples in the Scripture of individuals that are seen as righteous or wicked by GOD. This teaches us that there are absolute truths according to the Scriptures, and David writes in the Psalms about this in the first Psalm.

Why is it important to distinguish between the righteous and the wicked? We know that GOD tests the children of mankind to know who truly believe in GOD and lives by faith and who does not. We learn that GOD wants us to obtain not only material blessings but also most importantly spiritual blessings and eternal salvation through our faith. We know that this is true because we are told through several authors and books of the Scriptures including the apostles, disciples, and believers.

When we read of the visions of the prophets of GOD, we learn that only the righteous are allowed to stand when near the heavenly throne of GOD with Celestial Beings because of the Splendor, Majesty, and Brightness that is described. GOD allows righteous individuals to stand and learn about the purpose of GOD to preach. John in Revelation also experiences a similar vision and is able to stand. This shows the ability to understand that righteous individuals are favored by GOD and protected. This is a clear distinction made throughout the Scripture.

GOD knows those who are righteous and knows those who are wicked. He knows that there are distinctions based not only on decisions of individuals but also based on their motivation. GOD can know why we choose a specific decision. We are able to understand that He wants us to understand the differences that exist in order to repent of our sins and to be able to choose a life that is righteous following the Ten Commandments, having faith in GOD, and reading the word of GOD.

While righteous individuals are allowed to understand the word of GOD based on faith, the wicked reprove and scoff at the word of GOD. We learn about similar decisions in other books of the Scripture. We can continue to believe in the promises of GOD and choose the righteous path instead of following other paths.

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