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A Psalm of David: The Path of Righteousness Continued

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“He is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither. In all that he does, he prospers.” – Psalms 1: 3

Psalm 1: 3 Scripture Verse

We learn that David continues explaining the differences between those that hold on to the word of GOD and those that do not hold on to the word of GOD. We learn that like a nourished tree, believers are able to continue. GOD states that He provides what we need and restores us and strengthens us. This teaches us that GOD is able to provide restoration and renovation to believers when they place their hope in GOD. We learn about the abundance that faith provides when it is wholehearted devotion to GOD.

This is in contrast to not having faith. GOD wants us to be able to have faith when we are believers. Jesus Christ reminded us to have faith through the Gospels and telling us that GOD is able to move mountains based on faith. This is something that means that GOD is able to show us blessings when we strive for those blessings with faith. We learn that individuals who place GOD before anything else in life are rewarded with the promises of GOD. Jesus Christ attests to this when He is given eternal life and seated at the Right Hand of GOD based on His obedience.

With this, we learn that GOD is looking for our ability to exhibit faith in His promises. While there are difficulties and different circumstances, we know that GOD is able to display His abundance and wisdom to those who seek the promises of GOD through the word of GOD. We learn that a tree can only survive where there is a source of water whether it is a river or an ocean or it is watered by a tributary. With this we know that GOD is the living water that keeps us alive and the spiritual bread that feeds us with His word. We learn that while these things symbolize daily necessities, they can also reflect the spiritual necessities that strengthen us even through difficulties.

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