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A Psalm of David: Second Psalm

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“Ask of me, and I will make the nations your heritage, and the ends of the earth your possession.” – Psalms 2

We learn in the Psalms of David that David attests to Jesus Christ’s sovereignty given by GOD. We learn that this is in the Spirit of Truth because David did not know that the Savior of the world would be named Jesus. We learn that in the Spirit of Truth, he was praising GOD and prophesying of the future king. We learn that Jesus Christ is given authority by GOD to rule the nations. We read about this in several instances and verses within different chapters and books of the Scriptures. This allows us to see how David not only was allowed to take territory and increase the land of Israel during his time, but GOD was also foretelling about Jesus Christ who would also make the nations his heritage.

This reminds us that like king David, Jesus Christ is a suffering servant that managed to obey GOD through the difficulties of life. We learn that like David, Jesus Christ is exalted by humbling himself. We learn that David humbled himself on multiple occasions showing that he was there to obey GOD and to obey the commandments. Jesus Christ also obeyed GOD and obeyed the commandments. We learn that through obedience both were exalted to possess nations. David’s is a physical conquering of the land through the spiritual strength in GOD, and Jesus Christ’s righteous conquering of obedience has given him authority, dominion, and sovereignty.

We learn that the similarities of both David and Jesus Christ talk to the ability of GOD to allow us to understand how He wants us to humble ourselves so that GOD may exalt us. We learn about the manner in which David’s faith and Jesus Christ’s faith describe the similarities of trusting in GOD to provide wisdom and understanding of His paths.

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