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Jesus Christ Foretold in Isaiah

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“Therefore the LORD waits to be gracious to you, and therefore he exalts himself to show you mercy.” -Isaiah 30:18

Isaiah 30: 18 Scripture Verse
Isaiah 30:18 Scripture Description

We learn from the prophets writings that they were sent in order to allow the people to see the grace of GOD. They were being allowed the opportunity to experience grace that was foretelling of the grace that Jesus Christ would give. This allows us to understand the continuation of the promises of the First Covenant of GOD into the Second Covenant that is being given through Jesus Christ. We learn that GOD does not want us to follow the path of wickedness, but instead to follow the path of righteousness.

We learn from the writings of Isaiah, that GOD wants to help those that are having difficulties. This is seen by the constant reminder of the prophets to preach to the people who have had difficulties due to the stubborness of living in sin and idolatry. We learn that they are instructed to change their paths in order to receive mercy from GOD and in order to obtain grace from the Creator of the universe. We learn that Isaiah can speak to these promises when Isaiah gives word to king Hezekiah about the ability for GOD to give grace and to deliver.

We learn that historically, Isaiah was preaching prior to the exiles and prior to the difficulties of the northern tribes of Israel who were going to also be scattered due to their idolatry. We learn that while the exiles occurred later in the books of Jeremiah and Ezekiel and Daniel, we can understand that the grace of GOD was on display from even before the difficulties occurred. We learn that GOD does not want us to feel that we must go alone through life and its difficulties. GOD not only forgives our sins, but also wants us to pray and read the word of GOD in order to learn the truth.

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