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A Psalm of David: Salvation and Blessings

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“Salvation belongs to the LORD; your blessing be on your people! Selah.” – Psalm 3: 8

We learn that David is writing or reciting Psalm 3 because of the difficulties concerning his son. There is a rebellion that is causing the people to be divided on who to serve. We learn that David is the rightful king and that rebellion occurs. We see that David begins by praising the LORD and by making sure that he is praying to GOD in order to decide how to respond. David is faithful during his difficulties and learns to praise GOD in spite of the circumstances.

David also remembers his people and makes sure to pray for them as well. Even though they may be divided due to the recent rebellion, we learn that David still cares about his people and blesses those that are his people. We learn that David does everything for the good of the people of Israel and does not wish to see dissension and quarreling among them similar to Moses and Jesus Christ. What we do learn is that David understands that salvation belongs to GOD, and GOD delivers those that are His people.

David is a suffering servant who endures through the difficulties but is able to continue. We learn that even through the struggles, David prays, praises, and sings to GOD whether He is at the top of Mount Zion or at the valley of indecision. We know that David is able to continue through the faith he places on GOD. We should learn to have faith similar to David in praying, praising, and singing to GOD and following the commandments. Through GOD’s salvation, we are able to continue, and may blessings be upon His believing and faithful people.

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