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A Psalm of David: Joy Amidst the Struggles

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“You have put more joy in my heart that they have when their grain and wine abound.” -Psalm 4: 7

We learn that through David’s struggles, he is still able to trust in the deliverance of GOD. We learn that through David, we begin to see the future savior of the world Jesus Christ. We see that the difficulties allow David to pray to GOD and go directly to the praising GOD. We learn that Jesus Christ also goes through similar decisions in praying and praising GOD despite the circumstances. We learn that even when David obtained everything from the worldly perspective, we learn that he still praises GOD and tells us that GOD provides something that the world cannot provide.

GOD is able to provide us with joy and happiness even through the circumstances because GOD’s Spirit of Truth is guiding us. This is the same Spirit of Truth that Jesus Christ was speaking about in the Gospel. We learn that the Spirit of Truth is able to guide believers in truth away from deception, lies, and other evils. We learn that GOD is able to lead us to restoration and green pastures. We know that we are not to rely on the things of the world. We are to rely on the joy of heart that GOD gives.

When Jesus Christ was going through difficulties, he empowered and strengthened his disciples and gave them the ability to increase in faith. We learn that even when there were difficulties, Jesus Christ had the Spirit of Truth that allowed him to be joyful in spite of the circumstances. He was able to bring joy and hope to those that needed it and was able to preach the word of GOD. We learn that Jesus Christ embraced faith and allowed us to see that the Spirit of Truth can supply joy of heart despite everything that is happening in the world. We are reminded to pray and praise GOD in the difficulties and in the joys of our life.

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