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A Psalm of David: Prayers

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“Answer when I call, O GOD of my righteousness! You have given me relief when I was in distress. Be gracious to me and hear my prayer!” – Psalm 4: 1

We learn that regardless of the difficulties that existed for David, David continued to pray to GOD knowing that GOD would respond to his questions and to his prayers. We learn that throughout the Psalms, David is praying to GOD in order to know what must be done. We learn that David is able to be led by faith instead of anxiety or other negative emotions. While circumstances may appear to change our emotions, we are to remain at peace in the faith of GOD.

We know that like David, we are instructed to be at peace because GOD answers our prayers and is able to bring relief when we are in distress. We learn that David went about through multiple difficulties ranging from betrayal, to battles, to other difficulties. Through all this, we know that his prayers to GOD were heard. We learn that David was able to continue despite the difficulties and was able to increase his faith in GOD.

With each increase of faith, we have decreased amount of doubt. We learn that GOD is there to not only protect us but also to save us. David is a perfect example of a faith that is able to remain despite the circumstances. We can see the example of David and apply it to our understanding of how increased faith can help us in our daily life.

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