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Resurrection Radio Podcast: Episode Sixteen “The Blessings of Judah Foretelling Jesus Christ”

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In this episode, we learn about the importance of the blessings that Jacob gives to his children. We learn that the different tribes of Israel would have specific characteristics and blessings. We learn that the tribe of Judah is able to obtain blessings from Jacob that would prophesy about King David and Jesus Christ. We are able to see that we can learn about the manner that GOD controls history and tells believers about what will occur.

We learn that the tribe of Judah does not obtain the blessings of the firstborn, but that the blessings would be important in the future. We learn that from Judah there would be a lineage of fierce individuals and the future kings. We learn that Jesus Christ is mentioned in the blessing specifically indicating that Jesus Christ would be the everlasting king that would rule Israel and the world. We are able to see that Jesus Christ accomplishes the prophesy of Jacob.

We also learn about the righteousness of the forefathers of Israel that allow us to confirm that they were speaking in the Spirit of Truth prophesying to the promises of GOD. We learn that even though we read the blessings of Jacob in Genesis, we learn that the prophesy is fulfilled in the Gospel. We are able to see how GOD is in control of history and how righteousness, steadfast love, and faith are seen in specific persons in the Scriptures.

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