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Questions of Faith: What Has Led to the Increase in the Preaching of the Gospel?

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What has led to the increase in the preaching of the Gospel?

Through the Scriptures, we learn that GOD is able to accomplish His purpose through individuals or without individuals. We learn that GOD’s purpose remains throughout history. We learn that in the Old Testament, GOD wanted the descendants of Israel to get the blessings of following the commandments, living in faith, and trusting GOD. When this does not occur, we learn that GOD changes the First Covenant into a Second Covenant where He sends Jesus Christ, the Son of GOD, to obey the commandments, live faithfully, and die on the cross for humanity, and is Resurrected on the third day. Through Jesus Christ, GOD was going to atone for the sins of all humanity, for all time since the creation. We learn that through Jesus Christ, we are given eternal life and faith. Through this hope we know that we are able to preach the Gospel that Jesus Christ is LORD and Savior.

While there may be opposition against GOD’s plans, we know that GOD is able to complete His purpose. We know that the disciples and apostles and prophets all faithfully worshiped GOD and followed GOD’s rules. We know that faithful individuals are rewarded with blessings not only on earth but in the Kingdom of Heaven. We learn that even through all the difficulties, we know that GOD allows believers to preach the word of GOD. Disciples and apostles were able to preach from Israel to all over the world. The Gospel has been translated to most languages and preached to individuals all over the world including jungles and deserts. We know that GOD is completing His purpose of having the Gospel preached throughout the world because GOD wants everyone to have the opportunity to believe in Jesus Christ prior to the return of Jesus Christ.

With the preaching of the Gospel, we know that Christianity is the largest religion in the world with billions of believers and also with the most history. We know that through our belief in Jesus Christ, we are able to accomplish so much through our faith in GOD. The Gospel has been preached and continues to be preached even in places that are difficult to preach in including Iran, China, and India. We know that this is because GOD wants to give people faith and hope even when they live in countries with decreased freedoms and liberties. We know that our GOD is a GOD of Creation. He wants to renovate and create a new life for individuals through the name of Jesus Christ. For this reason, the Gospel continues to be preached throughout the world despite opposition.

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