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Questions of Faith: Who Are The Major Prophets?

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Who are the Major Prophets?

When considering who the major prophets were we pay attention to the events of the lives of the prophets and the books that the prophets created. We know that while all the prophets of GOD are important and help in a believers life, the Major Prophets were given understanding into prophecy, details about faith, and visions or understanding. We know that Moses was given the Ten Commandments which help us guide our lives and protect us from lies and things that are not for us. Moses is a Major Prophet because he spoke to GOD, was able to write the Ten Commandments, and guide the people of Israel out of Egypt to the Promised Land. GOD allowed Moses to write the initial books of Scripture and we know a great amount of detail about GOD based on Moses.

We learn that Isaiah was another Major Prophet because he was able to preach not only to the people of Israel about repentance of sin but prophesy about future events. We learn that Isaiah was able to have a vision of GOD and was able to hear GOD speak. We also know that he helped King Hezekiah when difficulties began. Through Isaiah, we learn so much about GOD and about Israel in the period of seven-hundred B.C. We see how history is changing and how the belief of the people is changing. We learn that the prophet continues preaching and following the word of GOD despite the different beliefs in Israel. Judah maintains their belief and is counted as a remnant of believers.

Jeremiah is also considered a Major Prophet because of everything he went through while being faithful to GOD. Jeremiah was named a prophet before being born and served GOD for greater than thirty years preaching and telling the people of Israel to repent of sin. We learn that GOD is able to protect and provide for Jeremiah in spite of the jealousy and envy experienced through the community of Israel. We learn that GOD was able to lead Jeremiah to preach with boldness even when slandered, hated, and persecuted. We are able to see that Jeremiah is able to prophesy about Jesus Christ in Chapter 23 and also allows us to see that GOD is faithful to His promises. We also learn that the people of Israel did not want to change and believe in GOD and repent of their sins. For this, the first exile occurs.

Daniel is a Major Prophet that is praying for the people of Israel and at the same time is in exile in Chaldea. We learn that Daniel did not follow the worship of Chaldea and experienced difficulties that GOD protected him from. We know of the Israelis that were exiled to Chaldea based on the books of Daniel and Ezekiel. We are able to see that even in exile, some individuals made sure to keep their faith regardless of the challenges. We learn that through this, we are able to learn that Daniel is a faithful individual. We can see that Daniel also has prophesies concerning the end of the ages. Through Daniel, we are able to learn that GOD wants us to keep our faith in GOD and to follow the commandments with belief. We learn that Daniel wants us to know of everything that is happening in Chaldea for the exiles while praying to GOD for the repentance of sins.

Ezekiel is another Major Prophet because he tells of visions that he sees that allow him to see GOD in His Heavenly Throne in the Highest Heavens. We are able to see that Ezekiel is able not only to see visions but also is able to preach to the people of Israel about the need for repentance. Ezekiel is able to follow the commands of GOD and is a faithful believer through his preaching to the exiles at Chaldea. Ezekiel is able to prophesy about judgments to the nations and also about events concerning Israel. We learn that Ezekiel is able to prophesy about events at the end of the ages. Ezekiel also prophesies about Jesus Christ in Ezekiel Chapter 34.

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