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Questions of Faith: Why is Christianity Perceived as Divisive By Some Individuals?

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Why is Christianity perceived as divisive by some individuals?

Christianity is not divisive if the individual has a pure heart and enjoys truth. The reason that Christianity may seem divisive is because in life there are choices that allow us to follow GOD or not follow GOD. Christianity is very disciplined in the manner in which individuals want to follow the commandments and be able to believe in GOD. We know that this causes individuals to decide to obey the word of GOD. There are also others who do not obey the word of GOD. We know that this causes us to choose the path of GOD than to follow other beliefs. This may seem to cause division, but is only a distinction about the faith of an individual.

There are specific truths that are absolute. While there are newer theories that state that truth is relative, we know as believers that there are truths that are absolute. False equivalences are ideas that attempt to disprove of absolute truths but fail each and every time. Because of the Ten Commandments, we know that GOD is always first in everything. In devotion, belief, faith, worship, and discipline, we are to honor GOD with our best in everything. There are no other idols in our life. This is an absolute truth. GOD deserves the worship because He is the Creator. This absolute truth may be uncomfortable for other belief systems who have placed their faith in idols and created false equivalences. GOD remains.

Jesus Christ told us that He was not bringing peace but a sword because people would be divided based on His teachings. We have seen this from the time of Jesus Christ and has only increased in our time. At the name of Jesus Christ people either reverently acknowledge the name above all names, or become enraged. We learn that regardless of the reaction, Jesus Christ is the name above all names. This has created division between Christian believers and non-believers. This is not good or bad, it is just a reality that Jesus Christ was able to prophesy. Because of this, as believers, we are to remain in the Spirit of Truth to allow us the ability to learn truth from falsehood.

We know that in the time Jesus Christ judges, Jesus Christ will also place people into two categories. One of those are the saved who believed in Jesus Christ throughout their lives or changed their life around to worship Jesus and those that did not want to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. Therefore, there is still time to accept Jesus Christ prior to the events of Revelation.

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