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Does World History Attest to the Prophecies of Scripture?

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Does World History Attest to the Prophecies of Scripture?

There are prophesies in the Scriptures that describe what GOD wants to happen in the world and will happen. We learn that the difficulties of the people of Israel will lead to GOD’s intervention of sending Jesus Christ to save humanity from sin. We know that while this prophesy is the biggest prophesy of Scripture along with His return and 1,000 year rule on new earth and then eternal reign in new heaven. We learn that there are other prophesies that tell of truths that exist in today’s world. We learn that while Abraham was allowed to have blessings and be considered the forefather of a nation, Ishmael would also birth a nation and Esau would also birth another nation. We learn that while the descendants of
each individual are still seen, we learn that the promises of GOD have been fulfilled. What GOD decides to happen happens seen through the nations arising from one family in each example.

We are also able to see how specific events also are seen first as prophesies and then happen as the exiles of Israel to surrounding nations and then the return to the Promised Land. We learn that Israel would be delivered from Egypt and was delivered from the nation. We also learn that the surrounding
nations around Israel were given over to Israel to take the Promised Land through the Books of Joshua and other books. This allows us to understand that GOD is in control of history.

We learn that surrounding nations would attest to the power of GOD including the Egyptians, Chaldeans, and the Assyrians among the different nations. This is because GOD’s creation is meant to worship GOD. While there exists the ability to decide what we want to follow, we know that Scripture attestst truth and reality that is created by GOD. We learn that GOD tells specific righteous individuals the prophesies which are then communicated to the nation. We see that through the
prophets, there are events that were stated that did happen when seen from the future.

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