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Was Idolatry as Prevalent as Read in the Books of the Prophets?

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Was Idolatry as Prevalent as Read in the Book of the Prophets?

Idolatry means the worship of something other than GOD. We learn that idolatry was prevalent in the lands of Canaan and in Egypt. We learn that when GOD speaks to Abraham, He instructs Abraham with commands to prosper Abraham. We learn that through Genesis, GOD is the GOD of Creation and controls history. We learn from the prophets that GOD writes history and tells it to His prophets so that the people who sin may turn from their sin. We learn that idolatry was prevalent in the past. When Israel was given the land of Canaan after leaving Egypt, the reason for the giving of the land to Israel was because the nations had committed idolatry worshiping other idols. GOD gave the land of Canaan to Israel so that Israel may worship GOD in the land.

We learn that as time progresses, the people learned the same beliefs as the people who had been driven from the land. We learn that GOD did not want Israel to learn idolatry. When this happens, we are able to understand that GOD wants us to remain faithful to the belief in GOD. We know that GOD is able to lead us and guide us towards the truth with the Spirit of Truth. The Spirit of Truth is what allows us to be able to understand the love of GOD and the reality of existence based on the creation of GOD. We learn that GOD is able to provide for believers even when there are idols that may attempt to lie and deceive people into believing that they can provide like GOD. We are able to learn that the people of Israel were deceived by idolatry in the times of the prophets.

In archeology, there are numerous examples that tell us of the existence of idols and figurines that were used not only to worship but also to secure land. Through this, we learn that idolatry was a reality in the land of Israel. For this reason, GOD sent individuals to tell the people to avoid idolatry. We learn that when David became king, when he defeated the Philistines, David told the people to throw away their idols and to burn them. We learn that this signified that GOD was not only giving David the victory when fighting his enemies but also was instructing David to tell the people to get rid of idolatry.

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