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Are There Countries Remaining From Israel’s Time?

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Are there any countries remaining from the time of Israel?

There are several countries that still remain from the time of Israel. While other countries that remain are larger countries with larger populations, the ability of Israel to not only survive but to thrive despite the difficulties attests to GOD’s protection of Israel. We learn that the southern nation of Egypt and
Lebanon still exist. To the north, we know that while the empires of the past are not empires anymore, they broke into nations. An example is the countries of Iraq were previously known as the Chaldean Empire at the time of Israel. After experiencing difficulties and attacks from surrounding nations, the Chaldean Empire became Iraq.

We learn that the Roman Empire became the nations of Europe and was broken from an Empire similar to Chaldea to multiple nations including Italy, Poland, and surround countries. Egypt and Lebanon are probably the two nations that exist similarly to Israel from the time of the past that surround Israel. Egypt was judged by GOD and in the prophesies of Jeremiah, GOD states that Egypt would not be an empire after the days of Jeremiah. We learn that throughout history, this has been true and other nations would rise to become empires. The Assyrian empire would become the land in Iran.

Equally, both the Chaldeans and the Assyrians would be defeated by surrounding nations. The Chaldeans by the Medes. The Medes would be defeated by the Greeks. The Greeks by the Romans. The Romans by civil infighting and Vandals and Goths to the formation of Europe. Through these difficulties and changes, we learn that Israel was protected by GOD even when they went through exile and the scatterings. We learn that GOD brought them back to the Promised Land. The interesting part of it all is that while Israel was a smaller nation with a smaller amount of inhabitants after both exiles, yet it was allowed to exist and thrive.

Even through exile, the people were brought back to the land twice through the promises of GOD. When Israel was returned in 1947-1948, we learn that the people were able to take the land and become a nation in the time span of one day. Isaiah’s prophesies ask a question surrounding if someone would ask, “Can a nation be birthed in one day?” To this we can see the Sovereignty of GOD.

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