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What Are the Descriptions of the Promised Land?

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What are the descriptions of the Promised Land?

The Promised Land is described as a land of plenty. While the region has different types of land, Israel is noted to be the most fruitful and best land available because it contains several rivers, two bodies of water, and most of the northern land is fertile. The southern land is a desert, but also allows for a mixed type of geography.

We learn that the desert is used as a refuge throughout the history of Israel by individuals. We also learn that the land is able to provide for not only food, cattle, and flocks, but also the ability to be situated along several rivers that feed water to crops. For this reason, most of the northern land is green compared to the southern desert land. We also learn that the Mediterranean Sea allows for the ability to fish and to derive economic resources from trading.

For these reasons, the Promised Land was seen as the most important land of the region. While there areo countries with good land like Jordan, we learn that Israel is not only provided for geographically but also that GOD has decided to give blessings to the land. With these blessings, we know that the abundance of resources is seen. We learn that we are able to understand that GOD was allowing Israel to take land that would be important in allowing for the descendants of Abraham to grow. For this reason, the land was important to the people. It also was a manner in which the people
could see that GOD was providing for all of them.

GOD was allowing to see that GOD had decided to bless them with resources. They could plant wheat and grow vines and raise flocks in the land. This proves the promises of GOD were fulfilled based on what GOD had stated. GOD had given them
the Promised Land and had allowed them to take the land from nations that were not following the commandments of GOD.

For this reason, the exiles prove that GOD wants people to follow the commandments. We learn that the Promised Land was secure when people decided to have faith, the commandments, and believe in GOD. While the people were faithful to GOD, they were allowed to keep the land.

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