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Was Idolatry Causing Israel to Have Difficulties in the 700s B.C.?

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Was Idolatry Causing Difficulties for Israel in 700 B.C.?

The Northern Kingdom of Israel consisting of ten tribes was defeated by the countries that are now Iran and Iraq named Assyria at the time. This was due to the sin of the inhabitants and the idolatry that had become pronounced throughout their history. Judah was composed of two southern tribes which were considered a remnant that GOD protected due to their belief in GOD. We learn that Judah is able to be militarily and spiritually protected by GOD even when the Northern Kingdom of Israel had increased resources. We also note that the Northern Kingdom of Israel had increased inbattling and battles with surrounding nations compared to Judah.

Once the sin and wickedness of the inhabitants continued, and the people did not follow the words of the prophets, we learn that there was judgment resulting in the scattering. We learn that Judah is allowed to continue for a longer time away from inbattling and battles because GOD is protecting them
from their enemies. We learn that an example is Isaiah and King Hezekiah who ask guidance to GOD concerning a nation that is planning to attack. GOD responds by reassuring King Hezekiah and allows the southern kingdom to rest from battles.

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