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What are the Different Types of Christianity?

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What are the different forms of Christianity?

Christianity has different forms. The most important point to make is that the Scriptures state that anyone who confesses Jesus Christ as LORD and Savior has eternal life. Any one who is able to confess Jesus Christ as LORD and Savior has the Spirit of Truth in them. This means that those who confess Jesus Christ as Savior are part of the family of GOD meaning they understand GOD, Jesus Christ, and the Spirit of Truth that they are the One True GOD. Any type of Christianity that confesses Jesus Christ as LORD and Savior is a Christian or Believer that is saved.

This does not mean that someone can confess Jesus Christ and practice idolatry. We strive to get rid of idolatry and only worship GOD. Since the end of the ages will have a lot of deception is is important to see if people not only preach Jesus Christ but also live by the example of Jesus Christ. The different forms of Christianity include different denominations of Christianity, Catholicism, Orthodox, and also non-denominational. All of these forms have specific manners that they worship GOD. There is true worship by true believers in all forms of Christianity and there are also false believers in all of these forms. The important point is to make sure that your worship is sincere to GOD and that you want to
follow GOD.

While GOD did not intend for the Church to be divided into different types of Christianity, we know that the unifying belief is that we all believe in Jesus Christ as our LORD and Savior. We learn that while there may be a reason as to why a person may worship with a specific type of Christianity, we are to take into account the Scriptures and ability to ask the Spirit of Truth the ability to tell us how we can best worship GOD and have faith through our belief in our GOD.

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