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Resurrection Radio Podcast: Episode Seventeen “Israel Leaves Egypt”

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We learn from the Scriptures that during the book of Exodus, GOD was going to rescue Israel from Egypt. We learn that GOD had stated to Abraham that Israel would be in Egypt prior to going to the Promised Land. We learn that GOD raises Moses to rescue the people of Israel.

Through the story of Moses we learn that GOD is able to work signs and wonders that allow for Israel to be rescued. We learn that Jesus Christ in the New Testament is able to work the signs and wonders that GOD wants the people of Israel to see to know that Jesus Christ is the Savior. We are able to understand the references to Jesus Christ through Moses.

We also learn that the people are getting ready to travel towards the Promised Land to gain the land. We learn that they will travel towards the wilderness to prepare for gaining the land. We learn that the people are led by Moses to Mount Sinai where they will learn about the Ten Commandments.

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