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Questions of Faith: Why are the Scriptures seen as contentious by some religions?

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Why are the Scriptures seen as contentious by some religions?

The Scriptures tell us the creation, salvation, and end of the old earth age. We are told the truth concerning the events of creation, the events of Jesus Christ’s salvation for the world, and the end of history on this old earth. We are able to see the truth that GOD wants us to have. Since it is truth, it is hated by individuals that live in lies. We learn that the prophets, Jesus Christ, disciples, and apostles were hated for speaking the truth. We learn that while the world criticizes them based on worldly metrics, we are able to see that the Spirit of Truth was present in them. The Spirit of Truth helps us understand the word of GOD and the purpose of GOD. We are able to see that GOD wants us to be at
peace regardless of everything that is happening.

For this reason, Scripture causes controversy to people who are worldly. Worldly people want to prevent the truth from being spoken because it goes against those things that are worldly. The cares of
this life, the ability to gain status, the ability to gratify the desires of the ego all allow us to see that these things are contrary to the word of GOD. We learn that there is a divide between the truth and lies. While everyone is born with a desire for the gratification of the ego, those who walk with GOD and read and understand the scripture know that GOD is the Creator of everything. There is no one that can match what GOD was, is, and continues to be. Because of this, we know that we are able to place our faith in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ, the prophets, and the disciples placed other people’s salvation before their own lives. To the world, this is in opposition to the desires of the flesh. We learn that by conquering their ego and deciding to follow GOD’s purpose, they were leaving behind the temptations that attempt to entrap people into destruction.

We learn that Jesus Christ was able to place the importance of GOD above everything. For this reason, GOD gave Jesus Christ life after death and the Resurrection tells us this. For this reason,
Jesus Christ is the name above every name. For this reason, other religions attempt to elevate their founders to the level of Jesus Christ although there is only the Jesus Christ that lived 2,000 ago and is
sitting on the Right Hand Side of GOD.
Since there are no equivalences between Jesus and other religions, we learn that this causes controversy and contention. We learn that Jesus Christ has no equal. We learn that Jesus Christ died for our sins and GOD resurrected him in three days. We learn that Jesus Christ will return to judge humanity and allow for the creation of a new earth and a new heaven. While there are other religions that attempt to emulate the Scriptures, there is no other belief that offers salvation. For this reason, offense is taking which has already been factored in by Scripture calling Jesus Christ the chief cornerstone or rock of offense for those who do not believe in Jesus Christ.

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