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Questions of Faith: Why does GOD hate sin?

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Why is sin hated so much by GOD?

Sin stems from the disobedience to GOD. We learn from the Scriptures in Genesis that GOD create man and woman in order for them to live out great lives in the Garden of Eden or Paradise. We learn that man and woman are made in the image of GOD and are therefore heirs of the land and creation when they obey GOD. We learn that Adam obeyed GOD and was able to see GOD and talk to GOD without fear and without difficulties. We learn that once sin occurred through the disobedience, that life began to have difficulties due to the consequences of sin. We learn that through all of this, we can see that anything that disobeys GOD has the consequence of sin. Anything that has the consequence of sin will not have the blessings or the contentment that exists in obedience to GOD.

For this reason, sin is hated not only by GOD, but by anyone who believes in the promises of GOD and praises the GOD of Creation. From angels to human beings, sin is hated for the disobedience of GOD and for the consequences that it creates for those who live in sin. We learn that through the ability to learn about the Scriptures, GOD intended for life to be filled with beautiful experiences through the Garden of Eden. Man was able to name the creation, was able to take from the fruit of the trees, and was able to live with no worries. We learn that once sin began, the worries, anxiety, and destruction began. For this reason, sin should be hated by believers. For this reason, we learn that if we obey GOD we are guaranteed the promises that He has given us.

Similarly, in today’s world, while sin seems to increase, we learn that we hate the sin and not the individual. We learn that sin takes a hold of certain individuals and their inability to rebuke sin or deny sin causes them to be changed negatively. Sin affects negatively. For this reason, Jesus Christ was sent to the world to save humanity from sin. For this reason, Jesus Christ preached against sin when preaching in the synagogues and in the terrains of Israel. We learn that sin appears to be harmless but is destructive. GOD hates sin but loves humanity having given Jesus Christ for us to have eternal life.

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